WEDDING VIBES: #theskcrofts

Our friends, Ali and Tim, were married on May 30, 2015 at the House Mountain Inn in Lexington, Virginia. We have known Tim for years and he lived with us when he moved to Richmond. Living with a couple is not always fun but he survived and still wanted to be our friends! James had the pleasure of being a groomsmen. Along with the bridal party and other guests, we all stayed at the on the property together. It was basically the closest experience I'll ever have to being on The Real World. The true story of 40-ish friends, acquaintances, strangers, picked to spend a weekend in a house, party together and have their lives documented to find out what happens when people get married and start getting real! #theskcrofts. (I'm sorry, I could not resist saying that.)The house offers complimentary breakfast, daily happy hour, and gourmet dinners! Every time I travel, I am concerned about what the coffee situation might be like but was relieved to see a Keurig with many k-cup options. The walls were full of taxidermy animal heads, which is great for aesthetic but it always felt like that moose was throwing shade every time I walked downstairs.

WEDDING VIBES: #billyandcaitz

Billy is the first friend that I ever made when I moved Virginia in 2001. As a kid, I moved around so much that I was always moving schools and having to make new friends. I was jealous of people who had been friends since Kindergarten. It was so special to see my dear friend of 14 years marry the love of his life! They wed on May 9, 2015 at Fairview Farm in Powhatan, Virginia. It was a romantic affair. Their love story, which began 11 years ago, is poetic. Every detail about the wedding was so very them. The weather was perfect, the bride was gorgeous, and everyone was in high spirits!