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I had never really heard about a beach week until I went to college. So people travel to the beach and rent houses and cook food and go to the ocean every day consecutively? It was a totally foreign concept to someone who had always grown up with a beach in my backyard. 

James' family has been visiting the North Carolina Nags Head beaches since the 1980s! My first trip to Duck was about 8 years ago and I always look forward to coming back to visit every year. I really love annual traditions like, ghost crab hunting, sibling karaoke, shuffleboard tournaments, and happy hour drinks at the Sunset Grille. This year we changed up our routine and it was actually pretty nice. We ate home-cooked meals over dining out, traded in the bars for Uno, and relaxed harder than we ever have. We started new traditions and I'm sad we couldn't stay for the full week! 


I brought snacks and my most favorite box of wine. A nice dry, Cotes de Provence Rosè by Chateau Montaud.


We had great weather for the first two days of our trip, then it rained on the third day. It was cool, though because we always spend one of our days in Duck, driving to all of the surf shops in Nags Head. The fourth day was cloudy but the sun came out and we dashed down the sand before dinner. East Coast summer weather is so unpredictable but you can always count of the water to be freezing. 


Lilly Pulitzer painted horse at the Waterfront Shops


My sister in law Jen and I made it to Duck Village Yoga for a yoga class! The studio has two spaces that offer classes and they have a wide variety of times, almost every hour or so. This was a warm rockin' vinyasa class, which means it was 86 degrees in the classroom and our instructor encouraged us to move our bodies to the music. Lots of 90s R&B and hip-hop jams that I haven't heard in a while. To drop into the studio, it costs $17 but they have a few packages to choose from, as well as an unlimited week for $65. You can rent a mat or a towel, if you need to. The space is beautiful and it was a great way to forget about a rainy day.


I LUV WORKING OUT WHILE ON VACAY, I just don't do it enough.


In between both studios, there is a cute athleisure boutique called Zen & Zip. They are focused on yoga gear and all of the cute, quirky gear that comes a long with it. In addition to clothing, they also sell yoga mats, body oil, mala beads, and so much more. I found a really cool palm leaf halter sports bra that was 20% off, but it was still $60. Why so expensive? Instead, I got a dress from a super cool eco-friendly clothing line called Groceries Apparel. My new favorite dress is made with organic cotton and the sustainable company also uses vegetable dye, recycled plastic, and other plant based materials. It felt so luxurious to go shopping after our yoga class.


I love this shirt but I kinda think a lot of wellness gear is so wack. Like you will never catch me saying namaslay. Yoga vibes can go from cool to lame real quick.


As soon you get off of the Outer Banks bridge and head towards the Southern beaches, there is a shopping center with a few places to eat. The family would traditionally go to High Cotton, an OBX favorite BBQ spot. This year, a few of us opted for build your own salads, next door at The Salad Bowl. They have a few pre-designed salads but I enjoy creating my own. Salads start around $7.50 and add-ons aren't too pricey. Don't you just wanna eat a nice cold salad on a hot ass day?


VitaCoco, Kale + Spinach, Beets, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Chickpeas, Avocado, Champagne Vinaigrette.


We spent our rainy day shopping around. I have been on a mission to find new sunnies since my croakies broke during my trip to Asia. I was really feeling these Electric California shades but I wasn't really ready to pull the trigger. So I didn't even try anything on. We always find good stuff at the Outer Banks Boarding Company, where I found an Obey dress for $20! We hit Mission Thrift, TJ Maxx, Brew-Thru Flagship Store, and WRV. We can never leave the Outer Banks without fresh gear! 


I finally started reading this book at the beach! It was hard to get into at first, but now I'm starting to really enjoy it. My cousin Ray bought this book with the intention of giving it to someone else. After a nice convo about life, growing up, and purpose, he gave me this book to read. I had no idea so many of my friends were on the Eckhart Tolle train.


LARIMAR; the embodiment of tranquil sea and sky energies. The blue and white streaks are reminiscent of Caribbean waters. Powerful stone during meditation and a stone of clear communication. cools tempers and calms fear. via 


I love Tommy's Natural Foods Market & Wine Shop!! I feel blessed that this wonderful market is so close to where we stay in Duck. Every Tuesday from May-September that have free samples; wine, beer, balsamic vinegar. I definitely thought I was gonna be sampling 30 wines but its okay. It was really fun searching the whole store for samples. 




NC Style Kombucha


Mother Earth Brewing out of Kinston, NC


OBX Bridge


On the way out of town, we stopped at Flippers Arcade in Grandy, NC. They have an abundance of pinball machines as well as classic arcade games. I played a few rounds of Super Mario Brothers, a game of Skeeball, and Mario Kart, where I won 1st place as Yoshi. James was jamming on pinball but we only had three dollars in quarters. It was nice to decompress and break the ride up a little bit, even though it's located in a gas station convenience store and could be the setting of a really awful horror film.


Blessed to spend some time in Duck, NC with my man and our family! 'Til next year!