I cannot claim to be a vegan, but I might claim to be a free-gan. (somebody who abstains from contributing to the economy and salvages society's wasted food and resources but makes exceptions when dealing with otherwise wasted items. Or so says Urban Dictionary) I shop like a vegan but I have a hard time saying no to cheese or ice cream or hard boiled eggs, when they're offered to me. This is the perk and curse of being a "free-gan", also I have zero self-control.

My friends Rachel and Patrick have been living in San Diego for about a year now and I was so excited for them to show me their vegan haunts around town.  We only had about 24 hours to get it all in! 



We arrived around lunch time and immediately hit up Plant Power, a casual vegan fast food joint. They stand by the fact that they don't use any animal products, artificial ingredients, or GMOs. They serve breakfast, organic drinks, and no item is over $8.95. I could see myself eating here often if I lived in OB! 


We couldn't resist a raw blueberry tart appetizer to hold us over until our food was ready. 


I want to live in a world where there are compost cans everywhere! 


'Chicken' Sandwich, Buffalo '66 Sandwich, Southwest Avocado Wrap, Carrots, Kaleslaw, Natural Blueberry Soda, Kombucha, Voodoo Fries (secret 'cheeze' sauce) 


After a pit stop at Holy Matcha, we found a papaya tree on the street !! Papaya is my favorite fruit because it's delicious but it also has a enzyme (papain) that helps break down fiber and relieve bloating. I'm forever trying to beat belly bloat. Wait until they're totally orange and it will taste like juicy, tropical realness. I try to eat one every week but they're not always easy to find. Papaya enzyme chewable tablets are the next best option. 



For dinner, we met up with friends in North Park and dined at Bar Kindred, a vegan restaurant with black metal cat vibes. I was thrilled that we were able to get a patio table for eight and a baby at 7PM on a Monday. I wish I had peeped the interior a little more because it looked super cool.


They had so many cocktails that I wanted to try! I sipped on the LadyHawk; creme de pamplemousse rose, campari, cocchi americano, lemon, ginger, and sparkling rose. Nice and bitter, just like me! My ideal cocktail, actually.  


Ever have one of those times when you hate everything that you order? I was being real indecisive and made a game time decision to start with the Hearts of Palm appetizer ( flatbread, trumpet mushrooms, aji amarillo aioli, cilantro, lime) and Green Garbanzo Chili for my entree (cactus, sea beans, serrano coconut cream, carrots, coconut). As soon as my food came out, I was feeling regretsy. Who da fuck orders chili in California? Honestly tho, it was delicious. I never eat chili because it's always brown and meaty, so I was tantalized by the green base. Our friends told us the portions were kinda small, so I ordered two things.

Kindred must've stepped their game up recently because I could barely finish my meal! Of course, I tried tho because I'm not wasteful hehe. I was jellin' on my friend Mike's Wizard Bowl (maple carrots, butter lettuce, tahini, tempeh, beets, candied pecan, tofu crumble, champy vin) I would definitely dine here again. The next time I'm in San Diego, I gotta try Kindred's brunch! 


We skipped dessert at the restaurant and opted for Vanilla Almond Cannabis Milk. Hey, don't judge, it's legal in California ! This drink is a heavy hitter and the most perfect night cap. 



Organic juice bar that offers salads and sandwiches.



We popped into Picasso Naturals for breakfast. In addition to sandwiches and juices, they also sold tea, supplements, and healthy snacks. It made me feel like a guru to see some things I use for sale at the shop. I was SO pumped that you could order a half sandwich/ juice combo at this spot.  I got a veggie melt and an immune booster. I need this type of spot here in Richmond. 


16oz juice and half sandwich combo for $9.95



Before our flight, we hit Ike's Love and Sandwiches, so we didn't have to buy airport food. I was slightly trippin' about eating on the airplane because I just read this article by Thrillist deeming hot food a hard NO. So I ate it in the airport, despite being incredibly bloated from the previous days binge fest.


While this looks like a beige bread, it was The Murph: vegan fried chicken, artichoke hearts, Seau sauce (creamy Buffalo) and provolone. It was tangy and tasty but this is what probably sent my gluten sensitivity over the edge. All of these great dining options and I never opted for the gluten free bread. What a dummy. I'm still so bloated from my vegan feasting and I am patiently waiting for my papaya to ripen. 


Dining out is one of my favorite things to do while traveling. While it's pretty easy to eat vegan here in Richmond, it's always a treat to see how other cities are throwing down. It was so good to spend time with my homies while visiting San Diego! The trip was way too short and I can't wait to visit again soon ! 


California Lemons! 



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