According to Merriam-Webster, jet lag is defined as "a condition that is characterized by various psychological and physiological effects (such as fatigue and irritability), occurs following a long flight through several time zones, and probably results from disruption of circadian rhythms in the human body." For as many time zones that you cross, I heard it can take up to that many days (or atleast half, depending on the direction) to overcome jet lag! 

Our recent trip to Japan was my third time crossing the International Date Line (IDL). I have been flying over oceans since I was 9 months old (I went to Hawaii a lot; #humblebrag). As I've gotten older, I get slightly anxious flying over oceans. In 2011, I got acupuncture before and after my trip to the Philippines. Not only did it soothe my worries, but it also helped reset my digestive system upon my return. This time around, I opted for floatation therapy! Ever since Vitality Float Spa opened in my neighborhood, we have been hooked! 

If you're not familiar with floatation therapy, you relax in about 12 inches of water and about 800lbs of salt! The water is supposed to be the same temperature as your body, so it is pretty easy to stay comfortable. There are soooo many benefits of floating; stress relief, enhancing creativity, reducing pain and so much more. I like to float as a way to enhance my meditation practice and I like to pretend I'm in the Dead Sea. Plus, I read that 1 hour of floating is equivalent to 4 hours of rest! I floated the day before we left as a way to get my mind prepared for the flight. I did not sleep a single wink on our flight from Toronto to Tokyo and we left at 10am on Wednesday. After a 14 hour flight + IDL, we arrived at 5pm on Thursday. After going thru customs, eating dinner, and heading back to our friends apt, we didn't get to sleep until 1am! I never felt affected by jet-lag during our trip. On our first full day in Japan, we went on a strenuous hike. I felt like the fresh air and being active really helped me not feel exhausted. We stayed pretty active on the rest of our trip, so there wasn't much time to feel tired.  

During our trip, I suggested that we book massages and floats for the day after we got back. We weren't leaving Tokyo until 6pm on a Tuesday. Not only did I wake up still drunk at 9:30am but we checked out of our AirBNB at 11am and had a full day of trekking around before heading to airport. Once again, I did not sleep a wink on the 14 hour flight home. Then I had a panicky moment when we accidentally went thru Canadian customs and exited the airport during our layover in Toronto. We arrived in D.C. around 8pm on Tuesday (time-travel) and then we had to drive close to 2 hours back home to Richmond. By the time we unpacked our souvenir haul and remade our bed it was 2am, which is 4pm on Wednesday in Tokyo. After a few hours of sleep, I woke up at 6am, feeling so alert! I managed to fall back asleep until our 12pm appointments. I got a massage with cupping, while James floated. Then we switched. We ate a late lunch and I slept from 4pm to 7am the next morning. I might have had an herbal sleep aid to get me to sleep. ;)

The next day I was signed up for a VA Bloggers meetup at PlankRVA. The event was scheduled for 6pm but by the middle of the day, I was losing steam. I totally felt like bailing and I'm so glad that I didn't because I had so much fun! PlankRVA is Richmond's first MegaFormer studio that uses the Lagree Training Method for high-intensity, low impact total body workouts. The workout was tough but exhilarating. I swear that the endorphins brought me back to life! I felt energized and from that moment on, I haven't felt a twinge of jet lagginess. I went back to work 2 days after our trip and commenced life as usual. I normally wake up around 8:30am but have been waking up slightly earlier, which has been great for having breakfast before James goes to work! 

There are so many ideas of how to beat jet lag. Sleep, exercise, holistic healing, and so much more.

How do you recover from traveling? Listen to your body and find the best way that works best for you! 

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