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This year, my birthday fell during a hectic time of year. It was right between final projects, exams, and an out of town wedding. Despite it being my 30th birthday, I wanted to keep things super minimal. That's my vibe for my 30s, simple and chill. However, about a month before my bday, I had a moment and decided that we needed to go out of town. I had an exam on May 5, so it had to be somewhere quick! Naturally, we chose MIAMI.

I have always had a love affair with this city. Adam and I used to dream of moving there for the summer, roller-skating in hot shorts down Ocean Drive. Of course, I love the weather and the international flair. Every time I visit, I feel more at home. We are so lucky to have a friend who lives in SoBe (ahem, South Beach) and he was gracious enough to let us crash with him DURING THE WEEK. If you don't know, weekday partying is the way to go. 

We left Richmond late Sunday night and would arrive in MIA around midnight. The best part is that's when people start going out! I knew if we were up for it, we could grab a drink as soon as we got off of the plane. Except Mother Nature had our own agenda. April showers brought flight delays and we were grounded in Charlotte for awhile. (Cheap flights = not direct) Luckily, the entire airport was grounded, so we didn't miss our flight. It was only about 1.5 hours late. Kyle was a champ and still picked us up and even had tacos waiting for us. SO SWEET.

The next morning, I woke up next to my new boo, Sosa. Whenever friends stay with us, Gypsy will sleep with them and I get jealous. Being on the receiving end of a doggy host is so wonderful and I wish I could've brought him home with us.

Monday was a great weather day, we saw rain in our future and wanted to take advantage of the beach. First, we got to-go margaritas from Bodega South Beach. Check out their cool bathroom that looks like a port-a-potty.

Somewhere between 9th & 15th? I can't remember. I was so hellbent on putting this temporary tattoo on my chest and this was the only picture I got! It's pretty fierce, if I must say. I relied on Coola Suncare to keep me protected before and after sun exposure! 

After the beach, we hit up some Coronas at Mac's Club Deuce. I just watched the Parts Unknown episode where Anthony Bourdain chills here, so I felt pretty cool. It's the oldest bar in Miami and Mac owned the joint for 52 years! (He passed in March at the 101 years old!) We kept it divey and hit up Lost Weekend for pitchers and truffle fries. 

Babes asking KeyKey for snapshots

James is a finger boarder. He has been for our entire relationship, but he's gotten real serious about it, as of late. So here we are walking home from the beach and he needed to film a trick. I usually stand by and roll my eyes. Good thing I had a colada to hold me down. Check out his YouTube channel, if that's your thang.

Monday Night: we hit up Lincoln Road. Ladurée for macarons (Pink Champagne before dinner), Shake Shack for burgers, and Melissa Shoes for window shopping. 

The next morning, I took a solo walk to Under the Mango Tree, per the recommendation of my girl, Welsy. I knew the dudes would not be interested in my need to visit an organic juice bar. (They went to Rice House of Kabob) It was a solid 20 minute walk, I listened to a podcast and enjoyed looking at the real estate options. The staff was super-friendly and the interior was very welcoming. I ordered a Turmeric Latte and Superfood Bowl. They have a nook in the back where their produce lives and I enjoy a few moments of serenity. 

Wynwood Walls were on the agenda for Tuesday. This is the Arts District of Miami. I have heard it be described as the Williamsburg of Miami. Urban murals and graffiti are flourishing in Richmond, it was so great to see a concentrated area just dripping in art. Kicked off our lil' tour with Fafi!


It started to drizzle and we ducked into Wynwood Brewing Company for cervezas and Connect Four. I especially loved seeing a Trina mural. On Tuesdays, Wood Tavern has free tacos from 5-8! They have a permanent food truck inside of the bar and you can get two tacos at a time, I highly recommend the portabella tacos. Wash 'em down with a Chile Tequila, for the ultimate experience. I was DELIGHTED that there was photo-booth. You all know, I love a damn photo-booth. I could've spent the entire night in there AND you can swipe a card for your pix. After the bar, we hit up Total Wine for rosé & gose. We ordered a margherita pizza and chilled all night with KeyKey's neighbors.

We were leaving Miami around 5pm on Wednesday and wanted to get some last minute thangs in. We went to La Sandwicherie for lunch, per the recommendation of my bb, Makiko. It's right across the street from Mac's and they are open from 8am-5am. I got the Tropical sandwich (Avocado, Mozz, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, etc) and a VitaCoco to bring me back to life. 

We took a Lyft to MIA Skateshop, where we had the most insane driver. He was cracking me up! Told us about the HotelTonight app to get baller rooms for cheap to impress women, then suggested looking in the trash at the bank for receipts with high balances to give out your phone number. We arrived at our destination and he turned off the meter to finish his story. OH PAPI! The shop was super chill, nothing for the ladies. There was a cool pair of Adidas swim trunks but they didn't have James' size. :( 

Only in Miami will you find Dom Perignon locked up in a convenience store fridge.

I had to get my last Colada in before we left. 

Originally, I had said that I wanted to ball-out for one dinner and pop a bottle of champagne. We didn't do either of those things and I wasn't disappointed.  We kept it pretty simple and still had a fantastic time. I learned that Miami doesn't always have to be clubs & bottle service. Kyle showed us all of his MIA Life Hacks, which are key for ballin' on a budget. Thank you being the most wonderful hosts! We had a great low-keykey time and I can't wait to visit you dudes soon. 

The only picture we took together in MIA.

!Adios Miami!