WEDDING VIBES: #boonichak

The past six weeks have been so incredible. We were lucky enough to attend three destination weddings in six weeks! I've had such an amazing time, exploring new parts of Virginia/North Carolina with my hunni and some of our best friends! It just so happened that the #boonichak nuptials fell on the same day that we were supposed to leave for our family vacation in Key West. (See: next post) We had to figure out some logistics, but there was absolutely no way we were going to miss this wedding! 

Our friends, Jeff and Ashley, were married on June 13, 2015 at the Brown Mountain Beach Resort in Collettsville, North Carolina. They are globe-trotters whose long-distance love proved that absence does make the heart grow fonder. We were so thrilled to be invited to their very intimate affair.

The drive from Richmond, VA to Collettsville,NC is about 5ish hours. We were also scheduled to fly out of Charlotte the following day. We had planned on renting a car when our friends Robin & Jamie were so kind to offer us a ride. We couldn't have been more thankful! Of course, we planned on making it a total adventure! 

Underdog Records , Winston-Salem, NC

Underdog Records, Winston-Salem, NC

We were making really good time, so we decided to make a quick stop in Winston-Salem, NC. We popped into Underdog Records on Burke Street, where we were greeted by a sweet lil record store pup. As much as I wanted this Bollywood Disco record, I didn't buy it. We popped across the street to a shop that looked cool but was just full of North Carolina gear; the shop dude happened to be talking about Richmond when we walked in. We took the record store owner's advice and popped into the Washington Perk for coffee and snacks for the last stretch of our ride. Located in Downtown Winston-Salem, we walked into a deli/market/coffee shop/custard stand all while a lady painted roosters at a drafting table. Mad props to the dude who was playing barista and cashier. I couldn't resist indulging in a lavender custard while waiting for an Americano. Winston-Salem was super quaint.

Mr. and Mrs. Boonichak !!

The wedding venue was breathtaking. I could not get over the view of the Pisagh National Forest. Jeff and Ashley were married right on the shore of Wilson Creek. Their ceremony was short and sweet, but full of love. Afterwards, we snacked on veggies and biscuits, then proceeded to take a million pictures of ourselves. Seriously, I am still mesmerized by the views!! 

 It was so great to catch up with friends that we hadn't seen in awhile at table 8! We enjoyed a lovely Southern dinner of shrimp & grits, macaroni & cheese, a really delicious broccoli salad plus more! The wedding toasts were so beautiful; I'm positive there were no dry eyes in the house. I always cry during the Father/Daugther & Mother/Sun dances. Also, I have this really bad habit of not eating wedding dessert!!! Really bummed I missed out on the banana pudding. 

I have to admit, James and I have been thoroughly enjoying wedding dance floors lately. Jeff & Ashley played Jamiroquai just for James and he looked like a lovely valet attendant, sliding around to 'Virtual Insanity'. The shining moment for me was when they played Le Tigre! We danced the night away, watching the Sunset beyond the mountain-scape. The night was perfection! 

After the wedding, everyone thought it would be great to go night swimming in Wilson Creek. I opted to lay on the shore, dipping my legs in the water. I had too much wine to feel safe, but not enough to strip down to my undies. Meanwhile, I had 12 bikinis in my suitcase at the hotel. :( Needless to say, it was a fantastic way to end a magical evening. 

We were leaving for Key West out of the Charlotte airport, which was about an hour away from our hotel. We thought it would be fun to stop in Downtown Charlotte for lunch. We ended up at the Halcyon Restaurant, located in the Mint Museum. I would have loved to check out the museum, but it wasn't open. The restaurant was gorgeous and classy; I almost felt like a scrub, but I didn't. The service was relaxed and the meal was delicious. We beat the church crowd and I always forget that you can't get alcohol til Noon on Sundays in the Bible Belt. 

We spotted this amazing glitter bomb firebird sculpture that I felt was appropriate for the upcoming Summer Solstice. A very nice construction worker took this photo for us. Charlotte is super chill! We parked near The Charlotte Observe, where  old front page papers were on display. I can't believe how much we saw and did in 24 hours! We had a great time on our mini tour of North Carolina. 

The lil Garfield in the truck says 'Are We There Yet?"

Congratulations to the newlyweds! We love you!