WEDDING VIBES: #billyandcaitz

Yes, yes, y'all! Wedding season is upon us! Love is in the air! I am so excited that James and I have been invited to five weddings this year, two of which, he is a groomsmen. Five weddings is the most that we have ever attended in one year and we set that record in 2009. (I am kinda hoping for one more, hehe) Every wedding that we are attending this year is out-of-town, which means five mini adventures in the next five months!!! Did you know that 5 is the number that symbolizes profound life change?  Also, I am really trying to become an efficient packer, guys. We kicked off season with the union of our friends Billy & Caitlin! It could not have been more beautiful.

Billy is the first friend that I ever made when I moved Virginia in 2001. As a kid, I moved around so much that I was always moving schools and having to make new friends. I was jealous of people who had been friends since Kindergarten. It was so special to see my dear friend of 14 years marry the love of his life! They wed on May 9, 2015 at Fairview Farm in Powhatan, Virginia. It was a romantic affair. Their love story, which began 11 years ago, is poetic. Every detail about the wedding was so very themThe weather was perfect, the bride was gorgeous, and everyone was in high spirits! 

Billy kicked off the wedding weekend with a pre-wedding manicure at Richmond favorite, Lily NailsIt is necessary to make sure your hands look fantastic when you're adding jewelry to your finger.

I got black polish because Billy & Caitz are devil worshippers. 

I got black polish because Billy & Caitz are devil worshippers. 

The thing that I really love about weddings (other than celebrating the union of two people) is getting to hang out with other friends I may not see regularly. Our friend Princess and her fiancè, Erica moved to Colorado in the Fall and this was their first trip back home. Billy, Princess, and I have always been a trio. So many of my favorite memories have been with them! It was nice to be together again. On Friday, we got to crash the rehearsal dinner and chill with everyone at the venue. There is nothing like watching the Sunset with friends!


We stayed at Bear Creek Lake State Park and I was so pumped for a little cabin getaway. We brought Gypsy and pretty much everything else we could grab from my kitchen. Saturday morning started off pretty rough. I was suffering from a vinho verde induced hangover and didn't have my normal remedies on hand. Also, we're old now and can't party anymore. I survived though, we had nourishment in the name of fresh fruit, soda water and Advil. We went on a hike around the Lost Barr Loop, which was about 1.73 miles. We were leisurely strolling for about 45 minutes. We got to see the lake and I think it would be fun to go back another time! Fresh air is the best cure. 

The officiant Vinny made a comment about being mindful of taking photos during the ceremony. I definitely took his words and put my phone away. I knew their photographer and #1 flygirl,  Ellen was going to take amazing photos and I wanted to truly be in the moment and enjoy it! It was the best decision that I made. (This explains my lack of photos of the bride & groom, as well, as the iPhone 6 quality of my pictures.)

The Sun was blazing and we were thankful for the pai-pais (fan) on the seats. You know I brought my own!

My man was looking so handsome, I couldn't even stand it!! We practically have the same length hair these days. I was jealous that his curls outlasted mine. Please excuse our mini photoshoot, I am preparing for this years holiday card. (HEHE, jk)

Hanging with the Groom!

The reception was perfect. I am totally not vegan right now and was feasting on fried chicken. Their table markers were tarot cards and we were assigned to the World card; completion, accomplishment, and travel. It was so perfect for everyone at the table! I love introducing old friends to new friends and watching them enjoy each others company! 

After dinner, we spent most of the night on the dance floor. My feet were hurting, but you'll never see me take my shoes off!! I am ashamed to say that I still cannot do the Electric Slide. 

I was proud of myself for remembering to bring Vichy Thermal Spa Water. It is literally mineral water spray for your body. I was walking up to all of my friends and offering them all spritz while on the dance floor. It was pretty refreshing.

I finally snapped a candid of Billy and Caitz dancing to Ciara! 

The whole weekend was so beautiful. I am so lucky to have been apart of Billy and Caitlin's special day!! Congratulations, friends!! We love you! 

And they lived happily ever after. 

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