I am burning cedar wood incense and watching the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race as I recover from this weekends festivities. I am seriously feeling the drowsy effects of Daylights Saving Time! My sqirl friends and I just came back from a lil getaway. It just so happened that the RuPaul's Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons tour was making their stop in DC, just a couple days before Summer's birthday. Road trip to celebrate! 

We stayed at the Topaz Hotel in super cute Dupont Circle, right next to the Embassy of Micronesia (fun fact)! Topaz is a chic boutique with major luscious vibes. I feel like this is where mermaids stay, which was a perfect match for 4 beach girls! The decor was everything; funky wallpaper, modern furniture, and grape-lime water in the lobby.  The name of their hotel loyalty program is Karma Rewards. They're pet-friendly, eco-friendly (hybrids park for free) and within walking distance of Shake Shack. I really got down with the vibes that this hotel was putting out.  I'm totally going to stay here again and bring my doggie babe! 

Despite running of out of champagne, I was impressed by the Topaz Bar. A zodiac menu!?! We didn't get a chance to try these cocktails but I truly appreciate the effort. 

This glitter eyelid wave captures the entire essence of the Topaz Hotel.  

I loved entertaining the idea that I would be doing yoga after a night of drag queens and dancing. 


What happens when you put hair stylists, makeup artists, and a Luscious Judy in a hotel room? THIS. 

I love rolling with a beauty squad. So thankful for friends who keep it luscious. Hair by Welsy. Glitter by Summer. 


RuPaul's Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons 2015 Condragulations Tour. Jinkx Monsoon, Michelle Visage, Bendela Creme

Ivy Winters, YAASSSS, this bitch is on stilts!

I love Jinkx Monsoon, America's Premiere Jewish Narcoleptic Drag Queen. 


After the show, we were trying to find a motherf'n dance party but D.C. was snoozing. We happened to notice Darienne Lake, chillin in the alley with some people. Ashley tried to get the scoop, but no dice! After a Boyz II Men sing along with our cab driver, we ended up at an all-male nude night club. Upon getting dropped off in a Navy yard, I felt like I was in Season 2 of The Wire.

Can you believe that we got busted for taking this picture? I mean, they did say no photos but we weren't even taking pictures of anybody that was nakey. The DJ straight up stopped the song to make an announcement about how photos were not allowed! Oh, the shade! We were embarrassed for about 5 seconds, then we kept on dancing.  

We accidentally didn't have enough time to eat dinner before the drag show and we were starving when we got back. Like good naughty girls, we refueled with food from Manny & Olgas and drank mint tea until 4AM. My favorite thing about partying is the after-party. The one where we sit in our pajamas with full faces of makeup. I love laughing and reminiscing about things that just happened and not even regretting how tired I'm going to be the next day. 

We had a lovely Monday lunch at Busboys and Poets. This restaurant pays homage to Langston Hughes, who worked a busboy at D.C. hotel, Wardman Park before making waves as a poet. The menu is impressive. Local ingredients, everything organic, and a plethora of vegan options. Located in the Mount Vernon Triangle, the space is more than just a gathering place for meals. Busboys & Poets doubles as a socially aware bookstore where local communities can connect.  The whole vibe of the restaurant is wonderful, I think L.H. would be hyped. 


Holy vegan nachos. One of our greatest ideas. From the guac to the beans to the corn chips, everything was especially delicious. I got a Vegan Cobb salad for my entree and a spicy ass Bloody Mary. The service was relaxed and quirky. Our waitress….bless her heart. I can admit that I might be a tad difficult restaurant guest simply because I expect the same service that I give to people when I wait tables. I just have to remember that people have different styles and that's okay! I'm just not always willing to dish out 20% solely based on the fact that I am in the industry. I definitely plan on eating at Busboys and Poets again. Next time, I'll save room for vegan cheesecake.

 Fun murals on 5th St NW. 

Just enjoying a blueberry parfait while my cat wears a bucket hat made of lettuce.

Our D.C. girls trip was short and sweet, we didn't get up close and personal with Abe Lincoln, but we still had so much fun. I am so lucky to spend my time with inspiring, empowering, supportive sqirl friends. Be on the lookout for us, mkerrr! 

Happy Birthday Pisces Queen ! ! ! 

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