Adam and I took a day trip to Colonial Williamsburg while he was in town from New York. We used to love hitting up Williamsburg while we were in college. Just pop in while en route to Busch Gardens. Fun fact: he went to high school in Williamsburg, so it was truly a walk down memory lane. It had been years since we had both visited and it's always nice to stop in. Unfortunately for the weather, it was cold and rainy. We found an umbrella in my car and powered through Merchants Square! 

Colonial Fire

Real time


For The Best Virginia Weed

Bad Judys.

Horse & Buggy

Virginia Trees

I don't really fux with jelly beans but I appreciate the champagne selection.

I mean....is this the best name they could think of ?

Lovely decor at the Williamsburg Cheese Shop 

I wish I could remember all of these cheeses! There was one that was made with Chimay beer and it had a super burnt rind. Adam was not a fan, so I tore it up. They were so incredibly delicious, especially with a side of Viognier. I have a new appreciation for dried fruit. I am typically not a fan, but the figs were super tasty. 

We made it to the Williamsburg Salt Spa! Ideally, you are not supposed to eat or drink at least 2 hours before your float tank appointment, but....wine and cheese don't count right?

Not pictured: the Squirrel and the Camel Salt Lamp that I wanted to purchase. Everything was 20% off! 

If you are not familiar with the float tank trend, it's poppin' off. Our friend Makiko originally put me on to this unique sensory deprivation experience. I was initially allured  because I heard it could "heighten your senses." I was initially buggin' because I was concerned about drowning, However, the water is only about 10 inches deep and highly-saturated with salt water. Ain't nobody drowning! 

Adam and I had our own private rooms. You have to shower before you enter the tank. Then get totally naked and hop in! Once in the pod, you can control the lighting and music. In fact, the session doesn't even start until you start playing with these settings. Naturally, I opted for the magenta lighting; there are so many colors to choose from. Or you could go full disco and have the lights change ORRR you can black out your pod. I chose to keep some lighting on in the room because I didn't enjoy the blackout. I think Adam did though. At the beginning of the session, I kept my pod slightly open. Initially, I wasn't able to relax  probably because wine, so I closed it completely. The condensation began to drip on me and that is so not chill; so I kept it propped up. I was so thankful they had a floating neck pillow available. It was mad relaxing. 

After I finally got comfortable, I just closed my eyes and pretended I was in the Dead Sea. Adam said that as soon as he finally relaxed, the session was over. For me, I kept wondering when the session would be over. It seemed like it was lasting forever! After the session was up, I showered and contemplated stealing a salt rock that was on display. I think it's a bad move on their part to have clients pay before their appointment because I totally would have bought a ton of stuff. Since I had already paid, I just wanted to high tail it out of there. 

Floating in the tank was like getting a full body massage without having another human touch you, it is so damn great. My skin was UBER soft for about a week. I can't wait to float again!

How else do you celebrate ultimate relaxation? A trip the Yankee Candle Flagship Store! 

So Luscious. 

Faux snow every 4 minutes.

Post Float Tank Yankee Excursion Wheat Grass Shots

We went hard on cheese plates for the day. This is when I learned that Adam is not really down with blue cheese; I was vibin' on some caveman blue. Float tanks, cheese plates, 

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