I was beyond thrilled when one of my best Judys, Adam, decided to spend his 30th birthday here in Richmond, Virginia! He lived in Richmond while we went to college at VCU, but moved away shortly after he graduated in 2008. He decided to come to town for five days; his longest trip in six years. So much has changed and I couldn't wait to show him how much more fantastic Richmond is these days. 

The three original Judys pose outside of our home base, Purple Haus. We all spent years hanging around this Fan house, drinking and smoking away our early 20s. We started the blog in 2010 as a way to keep each other in touch with things like music, fashion, and cats. I like to think of it as the pre-cursor to group texting. Unfortunately, Noel still doesn't have a smart phone, so he couldn't even be in the chat anyway.

Adam is cumming home! Enjoying a stroll down Floyd Avenue.

Adam got in around midnight on Friday night. James ordered an Assante's pizza for us and we popped a bottle of champagne. Needless to say, we weren't feeling 100 when we woke up on Saturday morning. The only cure was gonna be brunch at Joe's Inn! Not like 'brunch' but straight up eggs and toast and pitchers of mimosas. Back in the day, we spent sooo much time at Joe's Inn. I don't even wanna think about how many cups of coffee I've had there. It is a Richmond institution and on the top of my list of places to bring out of town guests. 

James and Adam. After our meal, we popped over to Shields Market to rehydrate with VitaCoco and samples of Barefoot Bucha. This is my favorite market in town; such a great selection of cookies, ice cream, and booze. 

We started to head West and hit up Addison Street for some light shopping. I can't believe it was my first time going to Yesterday's Heroes Vintage. I'm so glad that Noel pulled the trigger on this Epcot Center sweatshirt. 

Adam picked up this beautiful ring on the left.  Yesterday's Heroes Vintage.

Disco naps are very necessary for long lasting fun.

We caught our second wind and hit Akida for Japanese cuisine.  This is my most favorite place to get sushi! Consistent food and service. Hands down, the best lunch special in town. We split a bottle of Sparkling Sake because duh. 

Y'all know I love that roe.

It was pretty cold this weekend and we were on foot, so we stuck around Carytown. Because nothing says after dinner drinks like margaritas at Don't Look Back

Adam's leather jacket got a lot of attention everywhere we went! A guerilla comedy troupe dropped into the bar and couldn't help but include it in their routine. 


I had class on Monday, then took forever getting ready, so we hit Carytown for a late lunch and wine. Can Can is my absolute favorite restaurant in town; one might say that I'm a regular. We split a carafe of rosé and Adam got his Croque Madame on. While I'm trying to stay away from red meat, this is my number 1 burger spot. What I truly love is the ambiance of the restaurant. As soon as I walk in the door, I am instantly bourgeois. My #1 restaurant destination.

We are those people talking self-timer selfies while waiting for our entrees. Not pictured: our bread basket. 

Of course, I had to bring Adam to Elements Beauty Shop! I probably bought a bar of soap! 

I always have time for a trip to For the Love of Chocolate. I can always find a delicious treat in this candy shop! (P.s. It is waaaay better than the candy shop in Williamsburg).  

I had just been thinking about chocolate rocks and they have them! Also, we tried many different malt balls. The maple was no good. :( 

Adam used to work at Need Supply; so of course we had to make a cameo. Next, we hit World of Mirth and Mongrel; two of my favorite places to waste time and money. Adam picked up some gifts while I bought greeting cards, of course. Sugar & Twine is a newish addition to Carytown. We needed that 5pm pick me up. Thai Coffee for me; soy cappuncino for Adam! 

Unfortunately, my hunni James got food poisoning this night, which totally ruined everything. Just kidding, Adam and I ordered food from 8 1/2 and sat on my couch for a really long time. I wanted to hit Sabai for a cocktail but it was sooooo cold. We were also being v fiscal. 

The next day, we went East on a tour through Shockoe Slip to Church Hill. We went to Libby Hill Park and looked at the city! We were happy the sun was shining.

It took f-o-r-e-v-e-r  to get through town. 'Taking a detour' was our theme for the day.

Confederate Booty.

Stroops Heroic Dogs opened a few days before Adam got to town. I am not super into sausage or hot dogs, but it was good reason to head to Church Hill. The texture of the hot dog was so special. Not like anything I've ever had before! This is the Oaxacan Mole Dog; orange glazed pork belly, squash butter, pepitas, queso fresco, and cilantro. Adam got the Classic Corndog. We enjoyed Housemade Apple Chamomile soda and jumped across the street to check out housewares at Era Vintage.

Is there anything more decadent that getting oysters with friends. I honestly believe that Rappahannock has the best happy hour in town. Cheapish oysters, prosecco on tap, and a $5 signature cocktail. There is always a seat at the bar and the staff is super friendly. 

Old Salts

Argentinan Highball: Fernet and Coke

Saison for Dinner

Cheers to 30, Adam! 

We ended up having too much fun at Saison and we missed dessert at L'Oppossum. (The trouble of partying during the week). Not sure why we didn't have a backup dessert plan, sorry Adam! I owe you a birthday cake! Instead we hit up Saison Market for wine and chocolate bars to bring back to our hotel room. 

If you haven't noticed, we had been chillin in the Arts District because we were spending the night at the Quirk Hotel! This is Richmond's very first boutique hotel! I work downtown and have watched the evolution of this building. It all began with Quirk Gallery, which is now connected to the hotel. Very chic. Everything is fresh, minimal and pink.  Plus, we got a discounted rate for bringing in a Ledbury shirt at check-in. 

Lobby Art


Elevator Selfie with our complimentary cider.

FYI, pups can stay at Quirk for a small fee. I considered bringing Gypsy, just because!


The bathroom was loaded with Nest Fragrances. Pure decadence.

The cutest snacks that I did not consume. The fridge was stocked with Devil's Backbone Gold Leaf Lager, which happens to be what we bought at Saison Market, so we're pretty cool. The room had a noise machine (that we forget to use) and a Keurig. Despite my environmental concerns, that k-cup saved my morning. 

The only photo of Adam's birthday sweater. 

Noel brought these fun lenses that Adam was snapping pix with. Hotel party! 


Checking out!

Adam got a fortune fish and constellation dish towels for his birthday.


Last stop of the trip: Perly's. This was one of those times when my hangover got worse throughout the meal. I was being incredibly indecisive and immediately regretted my order. However, everything was gonna be okay because the matzo ball choice is forever delicious. I drank 5 cups of coffee, while Adam had a coke. He hit the road and I had to go to work. 

There were so many places that we didn't get to visit while Adam was in town. (L'Oppossum, Heritage, Black Hand, Sweet Fix, and more!) I made such a long list but I was trying to be super cool and flexible; so I didn't try to control the situation too much. Next time, we will need more sweets in our life. Adam, I'm sorry we didn't have anything sweet!

I love entertaining out of town visitors. Richmond is turning into quite the travel destination and there is always something fun to see or eat.  I can't wait until my next guest comes to town. I hope you got a lil inspiration from this post! 


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