Boketto Wellness is a new high-end apothecary boutique here in Richmond, VA. I have been waiting patiently for this boutique to open, so I can spend all of my money here! From organic skincare to mushroom adaptogens to activated charcoal, Boketto has anything your wellness loving heart might desire. No really, jade rollers, collagen supplements, incense, matcha, and so much more. The space is so bright and welcoming. I love their big windows that let such warm sunlight into the space. It is truly in the heart of The Fan at 106 N. Vine Street.

In addition to beautifully curated top quality products, Boketto Wellness also offers acupuncture and massage services.  


*SHAMAN SHACK HERBS, SEA CLEAR -- fermented kelp & chlorella in a miso base. This dip is an umami bomb. Put it on a cracker or use it as a sauce for zoodles. Super delicious! 

*QUINTON HYPERTONIC -- pure harvested seawater that contains over 30 minerals in just a 10ML capsule. pop the top off and suck it down. it tastes like the saltiest popcorn kernel ever, but this tonic is great for digestion, hydrations, and um, hangovers.

* KISHU CHARCOAL STICKS -- I've been on a charcoal thing for awhile and couldn't wait to ditch my Soma filter for these detoxifying sticks. the charcoal begins working immediately to absorb toxins, taking about 6-8 hours for optimal filtration. the sticks last about 4 months, but I heard if you re-boil them, they can last longer!

* MOON JUICE, FULL MOON DUST -- I'm all about that Moon Juice kool-aid. It has been so nice being able to get all of my supplements and adaptogen super herbs at Boketto, instead of online. The Full Moon Dust Box is a sampling of the six different dusts offered; Beauty, Spirit, Power, Sex, Dream, and Brain. (I love Spirit & Dream the best!) It's nice to mix it up and use certain dusts for different needs. 

*ZENBUNNI KING SUN CHAGA GHEENACHE -- I didn't know what to expect when I spent $20 on a jar of chocolate, but who knew stone-ground chocolate and full moon made ghee would be such a delightful combination. This did not last very long in my pantry! Chaga is one of the most powerful superfoods in the world! 

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