Any day that I willingly leave The Fan should be documented! I was pumped to get a chance to preview Church Hill's newest addition, Dear Neighbor. This magical retail space will offer gifts for any occasion! Stationery from Pretty Girl Paper, self-care products from Little Barn Apothecary, plus handmade pieces by Drift Riot. There are even presents for the babies!!! Need I say more?

For me, Church Hill is always a fun destination for out-of-town guests. There is revolutionary history, scenic views, great restaurants, and now, a fun place to buy all the presents!!!

I loved running into blogger babes Christina, Sydney, & Brittany! It's always fun to see everyone in real life. 


Kristy, the best hostess, sharing all the bubbles

It was probably for the best that I wasn't able to shop at the preview! I love my cards! 


Congrats to Kristy and Evan for the opening of Dear Neighbor!

Check them out at 2415 Jefferson Ave, RVA They're open from Wednesday-Sunday, starting at 10am. Can't wait to drop some money soon. 

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