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Wanderlust 108 is a one-day wellness event that is spear heading the mindful movement. The mission behind this festival is to guide us on a path to #FindYourTrueNorth. Sponsored by Adidas, Wanderlust hosts the worlds only mindful triathlon, touring the globe spreading love and light. From Austin to Milan to Buenos Aires, wellness junkies everywhere #ComeTogether to run a 5k, practice yoga, followed by a guided meditation. Afterwards, there are workshops like OM walking, aerial yoga, hooping, and so much more. You could pick up swag from one of the many booths giving out protein bars, popcorn, tote bags, while you could also purchase mala beads, yoga pants, water bottles, plus a selection of Adidas gear.  The day is meant to be "create community with mindful living". By the end, everyone who intended to feel inspired to lead a life full of purpose. Sounds enlightening, right?


Earlier in the Spring, a friend of a friend posted about going to Wanderlust 108 in D.C. Having done a sprint triathlon in the past (humble brag), this type of challenge seemed more fitting for my mind, body, and spirit. I was in one of those feeling it moods and immediately purchased a ticket plus a picnic lunch. The event was a few months away, but it's not like I ever train for 5Ks anyway! All I was hoping for was a good day with some sunshine. 

On Saturday, September 23, I woke up at 5:30am and prepared myself for a 2ish hour drive up north. I worked the night before and didn't get very much sleep. I wasn't concerned though because I'm one of those peeps who can function on little sleep. Not my healthiest habit but sometimes you just have to power through! I got my period right before I left the house and the crampage was kicking in. I normally don't get cramps, but of course I did this day. I was glad I had made a smoothie for the ride up and packed a bunch of snacks. I got to RFK Stadium around 8:30ish and was SO butthurt to find out that I had to pay for parking !! $17 freaking dollars. I wish information had been provided on the Wanderlust website. I don't know why I assumed it would be free since the event was also at the stadium. In addition to crazy ass drivers on 95, I arrived in D.C. kinda grumpy! I wasn't late though and that's all that mattered to me. 

As soon as I checked in, I set up my yoga mat pretty close to the main stage. I didn't feel like waiting in line for the bag check, so I just kept my things wrapped in my jacket. I had the basic necessities and was feeling extra hopeful that nobody would jack my shit at a mindful festival! 

9AM: 5K Start

10:45AM: 90 minutes of yoga

12:15PM: 30 minute guided meditation 

(I am mostly posting this a receipt of time expectations)


View from the porta-potties before the run


Pre-race hype


We ran the loop of the parking lots two times to complete the 3.1 mile run. There was music pumping and inspirational quotes along the way. I loved that the D.C. Metro was looping around while we were running. I wore the wrong sports bra and my boobs were in so much pain. I was holding them while running lol. Then I bled all over my black and white-ish pants that I maybe shouldn't have worn on my first day, but they were Adidas and I was feeling festive. Needless to say, it was motivation to finish the race. 


I definitely needed a new pair of pants after my run so I browsed through the many different booths that were set up. I loved the hydration station! The festival encouraged everyone to bring their own water bottles, duh. Why are we still using plastic water bottles anyway? I had many options to buy yoga pants but I wasn't in the mood to spend $55. I was smart enough to bring an extra pair of pants, so I spent the down time between the run and yoga to walk back to the lot and change. In the meantime, I found a cute glass side table in the grass by my car! 


Craft Kombucha, a D.C. based bucha brewery was on hand doing a tasting! You know I love my bucha !! There were 3 flavors; mango, ginger, and a blueberry variation that was inflused with butterfly pea ! (I was first introduced to butterfly pea in Thailand and I'm obsessed with it's vibrant purple color. I brought some dried flowers home and I haven't used them yet because they're so special!) Of course, when I tried to buy this bucha from the True North Cafe, they were sold out !  


One of these days, I do want to take an essential oils workshop. Wanderlust was not gonna be this day. I'm not trying to sit on pillows in a tent. 


The AdidasxWanderlust tent was popping off, you could even get green juice in there! There were shoes, books, water bottles, and all the sports bras you could want. I have been wanting to read the book, Material Girl, Mystical World for awhile now! It is written by Ruby Warrington, the founder of The Numinous, my favorite cosmic guide. I was stoked on seeing the book for sale cuz it is so my vibe. In true festival form, everything was ridiculously overpriced and I'm a #judyonabudget. Wanderlust temporary tats were $20 and I was mad about it. 


There were quite a few health-centric booths giving away free stuff ! I took a sustainability quiz at the Ford tent and copped a free tote bag, then I planned to pillage these booths.

Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn, La Colombe Draft LattesRX Bars, Chips from Chipotle, Core Energy Drink, Aloha Protein

I love Aloha brand! Their protein is delicious and I think the bars are tasty too (high in sugar tho). The gals working the booth said I was the only person who claimed to use the brand. Interesting. Highly recommend this plant-based protein, if you're in the market! 12 ingredients. 18 grams of protein, 4 grams of sugar, only 150 calories per serving!


The morning was so rough and I was ready to start this yoga practice. I was at the end of a row, near the front of the stage, so it was nice not having a person to my right. I was checking out everyones yoga gear and pedicures while we waited. Before we began, the hostesses jumped on stage and started a dance party. I was SO not in the mood to dance with strangers, but I told myself that I needed to fully emerge into this experience. So I jumped around and basically did the hokey-pokey for 10 minutes. 

Chelsey Korus led our yoga practice. She was feeling a little jet-lagged because she had just arrived from Paris. I loved her Adidas gear and was mesmerized by how flat her stomach was. The Sun was beating down on my skin and it felt so great. It was about 80 degrees this day, but it felt so much warmer, so I treated this as a hot yoga class. We did some poses that I had never been in before, which was nice. Her message is to embrace each moment that we experience and to accept things for what they are. It was a great class until I had to have skin contact with the gal next to me. We all got into tree pose in a row, while holding onto each others backs. I was so not interested in feeling a strangers sweat. I suppose this is getting out of my comfort zone?

Once we started to surrender to the mat, I was feeling a little suspicious. There was another 30 minutes of class left, why are we getting into shavasana? Was this some type of new yoga where you practice after you rest? The answer is NO. Our yoga class only lasted for 60 minutes and I was pissed. I'm sorry that the festival organizers didn't start on time, but why does that mean my practice has to get cut short? I was fired up, sweating and ready to keep working out! I was so highly annoyed and I was hoping the meditation would bring my mood back to center.


At this point, 30 minutes of meditation was the only thing that stood between me and my lunch. Turning off my brain is so difficult and I am happy anytime that I can experienced a guided meditation. I will say, it's not that easy to focus at a festival with hundreds of people around you, but I was trying. A lot of people started leaving during the meditation and I thought that was wack. I borrowed my friends Apple Watch, thinking that I wasn't going to have my Polar Watch but I did, so I wore both. It was cool to compare and contrast how they measured calories, heart rate, etc. I kept checking both for accuracy and time. I was FLABBERGASTED when I looked at these two watches to see the meditation was over after seven minutes! Not even ten minutes! If I could remember this dudes name, I would put him on blast, but I was over his shit when I realized we were no longer meditating. Instead, he began to tell his story, promote his non-profit, and other upcoming yoga events in D.C. I rolled my mat up with the quickness and marched immediately to get my lunch. Fuck. This. Bullshit. I heard many other people around me expressing disappointment as well.  Before I bounced, I was gonna do one last lap for free shit because I was gonna get my money's worth. 


So when I checked in for the day, I was given a separate wrist band for my picnic lunch that I pre-paid $20 for. Like I said, I was in one of those moods and at the time, that didn't seem like an exorbitant amount of money, until I realized I was getting straight swindled. Next to the picnic lunch tent, there was a line for Wanderlust rice bowls for purchase. I soon realize that these food options are basically the same! In line, I am asked cheese or no cheese, then handed my meal. It was a brown rice bowl, topped with avocado, black beans, and mango salsa. (I added the extra A1.) My lunch also included a lime LaCroix, a banana, trail mix, a coconut macaroon, and one ginger chew. (I snagged those chips on my own!)

What is this sad ass field trip lunch? Trust and believe, I know things are gonna be overpriced at a festival but THIS WAS $20. Do you realize that I can get more food at Busch Gardens for $20?!! AGAIN, I wish they would have advertised what the lunch was gonna be, so I could have made this decision when I bought my ticket. Wish I had known there were going to be local food trucks. You think you are being proactive by ordering lunch in advance, but I mostly felt like I was being punished. 

I had signed up for a photography workshop but promptly decided to skip that shit because I couldn't imagine that it was going to turn my day around. When I left, people in the session were posing under the Wanderlust arch where the race started. BYE. The only thing I wanted to do before I left was take a picture with this neon sign because DUH, I love neon. It was in the SAMSUNG booth where they were giving away free hats and coconuts (lasered with the Samsung logo) all while trying to upgrade your phone. The line for the coconuts was the longest at the festival and y'all know I only wait in line for roller coasters. I took a free hat and shoved my way to get a picture in the photo booth. The Samsung rep who took my picture said the photo would be printed and emailed. She was kinda being shitty about taking it with my phone, which I'm so glad that I did. Cuz there was no print and when I got the email, it was a photo of the two girls in the booth ahead of me.

This day could not have been more laughable. 


LOL at my shirt coming off of my body but it's a great representation of this day. 

I've always thought the term 'wanderlust' was kinda cheesy but I realized the word just got abused by fake ass people in marketing. I knew that this event wasn't exactly my crowd, but I didn't want to have that mindset going in. I wanted to go and have an amazing experience that I could take with me for a long time. I was looking forward to challenging myself, A) by going to a festival alone and B) for completing this mindful triathlon. I feel like I got cheated out of accomplishing a goal because why, poor organization? Miscommunication? Teachers who are not mindful of MY time? Atleast I finished the 5K all the way.

One thing that I didn't know about the festival until maybe 5 minutes ago is that they donate $1.08 of every ticket purchased to No Kid Hungry, an organization that is working to end childhood hunger. No Kid Hungry makes certain that children start their school days with breakfast and ensures they won't go hungry during Summer Break. Ok, Wanderlust, I appreciate this partnership and I only I had been more aware of this!! Yes, there was a booth at the festival, but I wish it had been more promoted. Also, y'all could donate more than $1.08.

I left the festival the same way that I arrived. Grumpy. I feel like this festival don't really understand how ANY of the events that I experienced at Wanderlust were going to help me "find my true north". Maybe if I had been able to do the triathlon to completion, I would have a different tune. #SHADE. Do you realize that I've been trying to find my purpose in life for like 5 years? I will alWanderlust, stop acting like this event is life-changing. People are coming for the photo op. It's a yogi carnival and your mission doesn't feel natural.