I was first introduced to ColourPop Cosmetics via my friends Rebecca and Natalie. They always raved about the brand and always mentioned that it was super inexpensive. This L.A.-based line is only about 2 years young, but creating major waves in the online beauty scene. I hadn't heard of ColourPop and I honestly wasn't really feeling the name. If they didn't have it at Sephora, I was more than likely not to check it out. (I am all about racking up Beauty Insider points!)

A few weeks ago, Rebecca sent me a ColourPop Instagram post, announcing that their Crushed Crystal collection would be back! It was the first time that I even peeped the website and I really couldn't believe how cheap their products are! Lipsticks for $5, Brow Gel for $6, Highlighters for $8. The most expensive item that I was saw was an eyeshadow palette for $16. These prices were speaking to this #judyonabudget.

The next order of business was to check their cruelty-free status. Within the first two sentences of their about section, they straight up say, "we pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and bunny approved". AHHHH! I've been longing for reasonably-priced, cruelty free beauty products. And here they are! Can't believe ColourPop was sitting under my nose all of this time.


The next day, I browsed the site and decided on the Aventurine Crushed Crystal Collection. There are four crystal collections total and the other three are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Aquamarine. I am generally drawn towards Earth tones (doi, I'm an Earth sign) and the Aventurine line, which is promoting 'Good Vibes Only', seemed like the most me

According to ColourPop's website, Aventurine, "all about the good vibes. Better known as the good luck stone, it attracts positivity, creative energy, and inner strength. Perfect for the go-getter, it enhances success, growth, and prosperity into your life". I do have my own Aventurine stone that I specifically purchased for abundance and to help the creative process. I am truly loving that brands are implementing crystals into their products. I know it's incredibly on trend, but I'm not mad at it. 

*All items in this collection have been infused with crushed Aventurine crystals and inspirited with actual gemstones during the production process.

Aventurine Crystal Matte Setting Spray -- $6 I have quite a few setting sprays in my arsenal, but I sometimes think it is a bogus product. I've tried SO many and I never really feel like my makeup last any longer when I use it. I've been using this spray in lieu of a toner, which skin care gurus might frown upon. I have been using it to prep my skin before moisturizer, before makeup. Formulated with cucumber water, lemon extract, and honey, this setting spray smells delightful. Like straight up cucumbers. The nozzle is way too intense and a lot of product comes out when you spritz. Some peeps on the internet suggest swapping nozzles with a spray bottle you trust, but I have just been spraying it onto a cotton pad, since I'm not using it correctly. :)

Aventurine Crystal Liquid Highlighter -- $9 This product is the highlight* (get it) of this collection. This is my first time using a liquid highlighter and I was kinda nervous. At first, I was mixing this highlighter with my foundation for a subtle glow. I kinda stopped wearing foundation though, so now I've been applying this to my full face after my moisturizer & serum. Less is definitely more with this product. It's super lightweight, which is nice. One pump should be more than enough for full face application. It can feel a little greasy when you first apply it, but just looks radiant once it dries. It will take a minute to dry, so be patient. I have to be honest, I still add some Laura Geller Baked Gelato Illuminator powder to finish off my face! I'm pretty happy with the greenie-goldish sheen, I think it's compliments my end of summer skin nicely. 

Aventuine Crystal Balm -- $5 Oh great! Another lip product that I don't need! I'm pretty whatever about this lippie balm!! I do love the cucumber scent, though. It is rather moisturizing, which is great as we head into colder weather. I am not super crazy about the opalescent green shade. I have been wearing it around the house while I get ready, but you probably won't catch me wearing this out in public. Unless I have this lippie in my bag and I'm desperate. I feel like this is the only product that I might like in a different crystal shade, perhaps Rose Quartz. 

Like I said, I only heard about the Crushed Crystal collection the day before it was released. I browsed the site and bought my products. A couple hours later, it seemed they had already sold out and people were pissed. So much drama! People complained of low stock, glitchy website, and all of those other things that people complain about. It seemed like they rectified the situation pretty quickly. I was just so surprised that I didn't have any problems. Lucky me, hehehe.



A few days ago, my friend Stef gifted me a Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Party Foul. She got it in her Ipsy bag but wasn't feeling the shade. It's magenta mulled wine, which is the color of my energy. It's highly pigmented and super matte, which I luv. I put it on, misplaced the tube (it was in the couch), went to work,  and the lipstick pretty much stayed put for most of the evening. I was drinking and eating, so it started to fade in the center of my lips, so I threw on Milk Makeup Lip Color in Gnarly, to create a fun shade. I thought it was a lil serendipitous that I got to try this product while writing this post. Here's to hoping I can keep track of this lippie! 

I heard a rumor that ColourPop is coming to Sephora this Fall ! Perfect timing for me! Can't wait to rack up more insider points! They claim that their prices will not increase when they arrive in Sephora, which is music to my ears. It will be really nice to sample and test the products in person, instead of hoping for the best with an online order. 

Can't express how excited I am to have found cruelty-free products at an affordable price point. Expensive makeup does not always equal quality cosmetics. Thanks ColourPop! 

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