What can I say? I just love decadent meals, high-end makeup, and jetting down to the Keys. I've always had champagne taste on a beer bottle budget. My desire for material things began at a young age. I always wanted the cool stuff that my parents would never buy. I attribute my   materialism to being a Taurus. I mean, my ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and beauty. While I am patient and down to earth (hehehe), I am wildly self-indulgent, a habit that I am trying to break. 

I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 13 years old and since my Mother was buying it, I always wore Maybelline products. She is loyal to the brand and has been wearing it since she was 13 herself! The Summer before my Sophomore year of high school, my makeup game changed. I was on a family vacation in Hawaii and my relatives wouldn't stop handing me cash! By the end of my trip, I had about $150; so naturally I thought I was rich. I marched my ass right to the MAC Counter and bought myself Studio Fix Powder Foundation and other products that I had no idea what to do with. (I didn't ask for help and color-matched myself. Who did I think I was?)  After my first taste of high-quality makeup, how could I go back to the drugstore? I made it through a year of trusty ol' Great Lash while I patiently waited until the day I could get a job.

As a teen, all I wanted were name brand items. I'm still sad I never got those white K-Swiss sneaks in 7th grade. Once I started working, I spent all of my cash on clothes and food. I would drive to the mall after school to smoke cigarettes, walk around Wet Seal, and drink fraps. My spending habits hit rock bottom during my first year of college. I got a credit card, a fat student loan check, and was living my new life as an adult. I was charged a trip to Boston and quite a few Sticky Rice bar tabs. By 22, it was time to pay back my student loans; all $70, 000 of them. I avoided those phone calls for about a year until I could no longer hide, I was working to pay bills and barely surviving. 

At 31, I've learned a lot about myself through my financial habits. One important thing that I have taken from my journey of self-improvement is mindful spending. Once I became aware of how my spending was affecting my quality of life, I made some lifestyle changes. I stopped going out so much, which meant I had more money in the bank and less hangovers to recover from. I began taking better care of my skin and body, which influenced my decision to support cruelty free beauty brands and transition to a plant based diet. No more excessIve Target trips or sprees at Forever 21. My dollar is my vote and I would prefer not to support industries that don't align with my values. I am much more conscious about what companies and organizations I give my doll hairs to.

                                     OMG did I go through my Cher Horowitz transformation?

                                     OMG did I go through my Cher Horowitz transformation?

 As I KonMari my home and specifically my vanity, I am changing the way I buy and use products. Between my generous friends at Sephora and Redken, I have an insane collection of sample products that I am slowly trying to whittle through. As for new purchases, I am trying to reduce the amount of brands that I use. I've been trying not to buy anything until I actually need to reorder. Yet, I always get caught up in the glimmer of new things to try. (A triple points weekend is my weakness) I still fall victim to my own impulse buying. It happens every couple of months or so. I believe that quality high-end products can be worth the price but forget how quickly it adds up.  So I'll splurge on the serum and go budget on the moisturizer. For me, it's all about finding that balance in my checking account. 

As much as I enjoy being decadent, I always have to remind myself that at my core, I am a broke ass Judy. I have been working hard to reverse years of financial irresponsibility, in order to have a happy, healthy life. Sure, I've experienced setbacks but I try not to do anything that compromises the progress that I've made. I feel this pressure in the blogging world, to curate this life of indulgence, in so many forms. Even though, LUSCIOUS is synonymous with luxury, it is an impractical lifestyle for me, for right now. In order to truly connect with my Judys, I gotta keep it real! 

I want this page to be a space where I can share my favorite wallet-friendly brands, money saving tips, and #judyhacks. I am in no way a financial expert, I mean, I have $75 in my savings account. Money talk can be weird and uncomfortable and even a lil embarrassing. Let's just put it all out there and commiserate together. Judy 2 Judy.


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