EST. 2010 // RICHMOND, VA. 

Luscious Judy is a Richmond, VA based blog dedicated to green beauty, wellness trends, food vacations, and all things astrology.


Taurus. Fixed Earth. Combination Skin with Yellow Undertones. Flexitarian.   


Luscious Judy began as a shared blog in 2010 with my friends, Adam & Noel. Our areas of interest were fashion, music, cats, hot guys, and pop culture. In 2015, I rebranded Luscious Judy as a beauty blog. I am especially focused on anti-aging skincare, cruelty-free brands, and finding quality items for every #judyonabudget. While the term 'lifestyle blog' is so typical, Luscious Judy continues to evolve into a space where I can share my thoughts on travel, fitness, moon cycles, sustainable eating, spiritual healing, drag queens, and so much more! While my name is not actually Judy, it is a term of endearment for amongst friends. My Judys continue to play a huge role in creating content, correcting grammar, and giving me the confidence to post that selfie! 

Thanks for poppin' by !