This week has been a whirlwind! I kicked it off with my 30th birthday, a long weekend in Virginia Beach to celebrate the nuptials of our friends Lynna & Dan, then we jetted to Miami for some weekday fun. Note to self: my birthday is not a great time to visit South Florida. We experienced flight delays on arrival and departure, but made it back in the knick of time for me to take my Spanish final. I pretty much always fly by the seat of my pants and I am happy to be home, snuggled in between my furry lovers. 

Today marks the Taurus New Moon and the timing could not have been more perfect for me to sit down, create new intentions, and reset. Not only am I setting goals for this lunar phase, but also for this new cycle of life. I am going to realign my focus with things that I am going to accomplish in my 30th year. I get all of my cosmic consulting from The Astrotwins and their New Moon guide has a lot of great tips! "The first of the Earth signs, Taurus is all about creating the fertile soil to plant our seeds in--both literally and metaphorically." The Astrotwins suggest that this is a great time to check in with eating habits, time management, and finances. Vacation eating really threw my body for a loop, so I can't wait to get back to my normal eating schedule. As a person who is constantly running late, time management is something that I have been struggling to work on. It is always my New Year's Resolution to be more punctual. I am just so tired of feeling rushed and unprepared. As I wrap up the end of my Spring semester, I cannot wait to have more time to devote to myself, Luscious Judy, and a fun secret project with my sqirl friends!   

What intentions will you set today?? Ground yourself and watch your intentions manifest over the next six months! It's always to wonderful to check in with yourself at the Taurus Full Moon, which will fall on November 14. Happy New Moon, Judys! 

And week in photos

                        TAURUS: EARTH SIGN; Ground into the Earth & align with nature. Plant your seeds and watch them grow. 

                        TAURUS: EARTH SIGN; Ground into the Earth & align with nature. Plant your seeds and watch them grow. 

Ok, this wasn't this week, it was April 29, 1987. My first birthday party! 

We kicked my birthday off with beers at Don't Look Back, our fav watering hole. I had just gotten a spray tan and was wearing my favorite blue genie pants IN PUBLIC. Also, I drank too much and didn't eat enough....another bad habit that I am trying to leave in my 20s! I'm so glad I got to hang with our best pals. Leah and Jerry. They used to sneak me into bars! 

I have been lusting after these Nike Roshe One Cherry Blossoms for months! I had no idea that James would personalize them for me! My sneaker game went from 0 to 100, real quick. Feeling these so hard and I can't wait for the rain to stop so I can wear them! 

Here is a picture of me with NO MAKEUP. I didn't want to wake up hungover on my birthday, but I did. We hit up Early Bird Biscuit Co. on the way out of town and their biscuit of the day was Parmesan Peppercorn! Paired with a Sephora Rose Eye Mask, it was a fabulous cure. 

Cleaned up for the rehearsal dinner! Our room had an amazing view and the waves were the perfect sound to fall asleep to. 

On Saturday, we hit up The Green Cat, a new juice bar and market on 38th & Pacific. We got some smoothies and I bought The Spicy Gypsy, which was Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne, Maple Syrup, Alkaline Water, and Salt. I was trying to save it for Sunday morning but our hotel fridge was turned up to max and it exploded. However, I drank what I could save! Note to self: always check the hotel fridge temperature. 

Congrats Lynna and Dan!! How adorable is Reggie the Dog?? Can you find my man up there with the other long haired groomsmen? Lynna was such a stunning bride! She reminded me of January Jones. It was a beautiful ceremony and fun reception! The Sun was there too! 

I love my professional groomsman. 


Thank you to my friends for joining me for brunch! As much as I hate (waiting on) large parties, it was a great time to catch up with my pals. It also happened to be Greek Easter. I forgot what eating brunch was like now that I work it every Sunday. :( Summer gave me a flower crown and I didn't know how much I was gonna be feeling it! How do I wear one all the time without looking like a festie?  It's like a hat right? 

My parents gave me a mini key lime pie and I'm so glad we remembered to eat it! Thank you Andrea for the flamingos! In this moment, I realized that I drew a Mercedes symbol and not a peace sign in Dan & Lynna's wedding guestbook. 

THIS IS 30! 

Stay tuned to hear about my trip to Miami!