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Hi Judys. Long time, no post. Reminder! Very casual period talk ahead! I was just reading my previous post about my Diva Cup experience and it was first in December 2016 that I first considered getting Thinx underwear. It legitimately took me 3 years to buy 3 pairs of period panties. I can’t tell you how many times I got on the Thinx website-ready to buy. Instead i was just bleeding into a few shameful pairs of the Fruit of the Loom seamless hi-cuts! Look at me now!

If you’re not familiar, you’re probably wondering…what are Thinx underwear? They are reusable period panties that are intended to be worn by menstruators during their period. The idea is that you should be able to wear this underwear in place of a tampon, cup, or pad or worn together for extra protection. The underwear is made with multiple layers that are supposed to be moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, super-absorbent, and leak-resistant. There are 7 different types of styles as well as 4 levels of absorbency. (Light, medium, heavy, and heaviest) As someone who is trying to reduce the amount of waste that I produce, Thinx are right up my environmentally-friendly alley.

Let’s first discuss period flow as this is integral for deciding if Thinx are going to work out for you. I personally have a ridiculously heavy flow! Much clotting. It is quite predictable, usually arriving on a Saturday morning every 35 days. I love a good reason to stay in bed on the weekend. I typically bleed a lot during days 1 & 2, but by day 3, my flow starts off strong and tapers out throughout the evening. Like I said, very predictable. It’s pretty much just spotting by the end of day 4.

I use my menstrual cup for heavy days and use tampons for lighter days. (I have a weird thing about the cup with a light flow, is that loco?) Although, I haven’t been using my cup consistently because it makes me feel bloated and I am concerned about staph infections. I do boil it before every cycle but should I not boil my diva cup in the same pot that my husband makes ramen in? At night, I prefer to bleed freely and this is when I use pads. (“Free-bleeding” is the choice to abstain from using any sanitary products-aka I’m a free-bleed fraud.)

This past Menstrual Hygiene Day, which was May 28th, Thinx was running a great deal on their underwear. Always a sucker for a discount, I knew it was time. I also opted to pay with Afterpay, which is a great payment plan service. I was able to break it down between 4 payments. (also, mildly dangerous for a recovering shopper, but I’ve only used it twice). I ordered the Boyshort ($39-heavy days-holds 2 regular tampons), Hiphugger ($34-heavy days-holds 2 regular tampons), and Sport ($32-medium days-holds 1.5 regular tampons). These undies are definitely not cheap for a #judyonabudget, so you can see why I was so resistant to take this plunge. After the discount, I think I paid around $71 for 3 pairs and it basically felt like I was getting one for free.

I’ve been wearing the Thinx undies in addition to my cup and tampons for four cycles now and honestly, the jury is still out on whether or not they are working for me. My order arrived a few days before I was headed on a vacation and I just knew my period would arrive while I was out of town. I got my monthly debilitating migraine and woke up right before my flight with my period. I had already started bleeding overnight and was glad I had decided to wear a pair of Hiphuggers to bed. It’s a quick trip from our house to the airport and I freaking spotted a little bit in the backseat of my husband’s car. Oops.

As I mentioned, my flow is heavy and I definitely cannot bleed sans cup/tampon in my Thinx during my first two days. In the past 4 cycles that I’ve been using Thinx (with my cup), I have bled more in public than I have in the past 22 years that I’ve been menstruating. In my husband’s car. At my desk. On a cushion at a restaurant. 😟 As much as I am trying to spread the message of period positivity, I panicked and immediately left the restaurant without saying anything to any employees (I was on my way out anyway). What was I supposed to do tho, break out my Tide to-go pen? At least it was a red cushion? So unfortunately for Thinx, my flow has debunked their claims of being leak-resistant, super-absorbent, moisture-wicking, and odor-controlling. (Period blood has a distinct scent but when it pools in your underwear, the aroma is quite different.) Yet, in their defense, my flow is the Red Sea and their product was not designed for such intensity.

Since I joined the Thinx family, they have since released a pair for heaviest days, Thinx Super, which is supposed to hold 4 regular tampons but PLEASE tell me why we are using regular tampons to measure absorbency!? It just doesn’t make sense! In the same breath, I do wash my Thinx out in the shower during my cycle and they do actually hold A LOT of fluid. I am not hating, just presenting facts.

TL; DR-It is a luxury and a privilege for me to even sit here and bitch about these period panties because in 2019, there are still menstruators across the world who lack access to proper sanitation and hygienic menstrual products. I absolutely love the idea of what Thinx is doing to promote sustainable menstruation and normalizing periods. I haven’t purchased a pad in the past 4 months and I’d say that’s a start to reducing the amount of waste I am producing. For now, I’ll save my Thinx for days 3 & 4. Maybe in 3 years, I’ll buy Thinx Super. 😂