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The Great American Solar Eclipse was the most hyped lunar event of this millennium, so far. The Sun and the Moon have one helluva PR team. The initial Eclipse buzz had me thinking that this might not happen for another 600 years or something crazy. I mean, the last total eclipse viewable in the United States was over 90 years ago or was it 35 years ago? Either way, it was going to be a sight to see ! Millions of people around the country planned their trips to the 'path of totality', a diagonal stretch from the Pacific to Atlantic that would experience complete darkness when the Moon shaded out the Sun. For a few weeks, I was planning on going to Charleston, SC, which was at the end of the path. However, the idea of deadlock traffic and potential clouds deterred me from making the 7 hour trip. Here in Richmond, we were expected to see at least 75% of the eclipse. I woke up this morning and biked down to the Science Museum of Virginia because they were giving out eclipse glasses to the first 500 people. Unfortunately, I didn't get a pair and I wasn't feeling very I opted for the next best thing: streaming live from the internet. I was sad for all of a millisecond when I realized I wouldn't be viewing the eclipse with my own two peepers, but I remembered the effects of this eclipse will be felt for way longer than that moment. Noel and I chilled and live-streamed and drank vinho verde rose on my porch and heard the crickets start to chip and felt the temperature drop. We did the 2017 Eclipse the Judy way.


Yesterday I picked up a Moonstone Necklace from a Sun and Selene pop-up.  Moonstone has strong ties to the moon (duh). It is a reflective stone that has an ethereal vibe that strongly connects us to feminine energy. It is great for balancing hormones, overactive emotions, menstruation, fertility, and conception. I have been wearing it all day and my body aligned with the White Moon cycle. I'm so excited and I just can't even believe how strong this stone is! 


Todays Solar Eclipse aligns with the second New Moon in Leo and according to my Moon Bible, Many Moons by Modern Women, "Solar Eclipses are like New Moons on crack, and their energies are felt and integrated over a period of approximately six months." Still don't know what this means? I have compiled a list of my most favorite spirit guides to see what they are saying about the eclipse! 


I was first turned on to Alchemy with Ambi through the That's So Retrograde podcast. I always love when she was on the show, spreading her cosmic knowledge. I receive her Alchemy with Ambi newsletter each month, which costs me $11.11. When she begins discussing the Leo Solar Eclipse, she tells us that Leo is a sign associated with royalty. How interesting that in ancient times people viewed Eclipses as a negative event that meant the power of King could be seized. While New Moons are generally for new beginnings, Solar Eclipses note endings for a new beginning. She reminds us that Mercury is in Retrograde, which also throws an wrench in our perception. Although, this new moon is in Leo, we are on the cusp of Virgo season, so it's important to look at themes of both signs during the Eclipse. These signs are incredibly different; Leos are fun-loving yet dramatic leaders while Virgos are judgy, detail-oriented nit pickers. And also, pains in my ass. If you're able to see where these signs fall in your natal chart, it would greatly assist your intention setting to manifest change over the next six months. (Get your chart done for free on her website!)  "Soulstrology says that this critical degree of the Leo Solar Eclipse asks us to look carefully at both our light and leadership, our unique voice and self-expression (Leo) and service (Virgo)." It's hard not to think about the current state of American politics when talking about light and leadership. In fact, all of my guides mentioned this correlation. Coincidence? I think not.


The AstroTwins are my #1 ladies for all things cosmic. Tali and Ophira are twin sisters, who have been dubbed "astrologers to the stars". One of my dreams is to attend their astrology retreat in Tulum! I especially love their advice because everything is usually in list form. Not only do they give you the tools to set well thought out intentions, they really focus on personality traits of each sign. They reminded me that eclipses are not that rare; there are 4-6 every year! It just depends on visibility, which is why everyone in America was bugging out. "Openhearted Leo is a fire sign, which is about action and adventure, and the Leo new moon is a time to take bold and exciting creative risks. Leo is also the ruler of the heart and spine. At a time when the world is filled with political unrest and bravado, it’s time for some true heroes to emerge—with plenty of “backbone” and a whole lot of love. 

This new moon asks: How do YOU want to shine in this world? 


1. make self-promotion a spiritual practice

2. dare to be vulnerable

3. make your passions a priority

4. stand up for what's right

5. rise to your own occasion

6. unleash your voice

7. free your inner child


James recently gifted me this moon workbook, full of exercises and rituals to get the most out of every lunar phase. Each phase is discussed in detail, followed by deep questions to ask yourself. There are two volumes of the book, January-June and July-December. I'm so jazzed on owning this. The book is compiled of many different female authors who shed their love and light each week. I love the sense of humor from each author. Jessica Lanyadoo writes about the Full Solar Eclipse, reminding us that this is a prime moment for transformation and heartfelt openings and a bad time for hiding from your demons. It can be tempting to focus on the surface of events, but there's a bigger meaning underneath the surface that the eclipse is trying to call our attention to. She mentions that this eclipse is a part of a big astrological doomsday prediction that she chooses not to detail. Leo is all about the power of participation, and when emotions are repressed and unfelt, and power drives are submerged and not pursued, there can be an emo flood when the damn breaks. Leo is also the sign that governs royalty, so we may see a collapse or rise in power within our political system. Whatever happens on this date, its reverberations will be felt in this country and in our personal lives. I'm not entirely sure when this book when into print, but it's crazy to think that they knew how it could affect our leadership. She encourages a ritual to honor those who are lost and recommends including Prince songs in the recipe. This book is such a great tool to have on hand, to learn more about lunar phases and more about myself. 


 The Numinous is a community of spiritual contributors, otherwise known as The Numinati. Join their Moon Club or sign up for their weekly newsletter!  They send horoscopes, NYC event updates, and mantras for each lunar cycle. I would say this community has given me the most accurate and relatable astrological guidance. Each week's horoscope has always had some sort of relevance to what's been going on in my life. Horoscopes are short and sweet; for me, too much astro info can be very overwhelming. Mantras are especially helpful when I am feeling some type of way and don't understand why. My sun and rising sign specific mantra encourages me to really look within to see what changes need to be made. The founder of The Numinous, Ruby, wrote a book called Material Girl, Mystical World and it is on my list of books to read ! Sandra Sitron of Strong Eye Astrology focuses on Leo themes. "The Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse wants you to drop your ego and let true love shine out of your heart center. Leo is the sign of fiery love. All fire signs take action- fire only exists in the activity of the dancing flame. Leo shows that it’s not enough to just love. It’s necessary to bring your love into action. It’s time to put love in the driver’s seat. Go somewhere. Do something. Use ALL of the four elements to manifest change in the world. Use your words (Air element), use your action (Fire element), use your resources (Earth element), use love and prayer (Water element). The energy of this New Moon is high. There’s a shortage of patience and a high potential of being triggered.You need a plan, so you can move in alignment with your intention. How do you want to act? How do you want to be? "

 Astrology is my church but I do not put too much faith in my horoscopes.  I only use this information to assist me in being the best version of myself. Ultimately, I know it is up to me to create the change that I want to see and feel in my life. I like having a variety of voices to guide my spiritual journey. Do you have a guide that you'd like to share with me?

Can you feel the shift in energy from the Eclipse? Maybe you did, maybe you won't. No matter what you believe, the energy of this Eclipse will be felt by us all. Harness this energy through meditation, journaling, rituals, or maybe you have your own process? New moon intention setting is like monthly resolutions for me. Let's chat in six months during the Full Moon in Leo to see what you've manifested !