On Friday, January 27, at 7:07pm EST, the moon wiill enter Aquarius. The Aquarian New Moon is extra special because it always marks the start of Chinese New Year. This is one of my top holidays to celebrate. I always use the time between the calendar new year and lunar new year as a trial period for resolutions. I really invest my intentions in the Lunar New Year, cleansing myself of the year before. 2016 was great for me because I put in work to make it that way. I am hoping that I can put into action all that I learned last year, so that 2017 will bring me great fortune.

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My favorite website for all things zodiac, Astro Style describes Aquarians as "a tenacious fixed sign that is eclectic, persistent, and always a team player." Slightly Type-A and low-key competitive, Aquarians care deeply about humanitarian issues. I am close to quite a few Aquarians and they make great friends! Coincidentally, Aquarius is ruler of the 11th house, which is the House of Friends. Aquarians find power in numbers, in collective groups. 

 If you haven't already, I highly suggest getting a natal chart done. The chart will analyze the position of the planets and astrological houses, based on your time and location of birth. I think you can find a lot out about a person after reading their chart. I used to free chart application on Alchemy with Ambi.

The Numinous, a super cool website for mystic types, gives each sign a mantra for the New Moon. If you sign up for their email list, this can be delivered to your inbox too! The New Moon mantra for Taurus says ""I am raising the stakes when it comes to my career." 

I can't explain how relevant this mantra is to me. I told you all about my job situation, so this is pushing me to be serious about my career goals. I went through a lot to finally get my degree and I want to use it if I can! VCU Career Services hosted Job Search Boot Camp and I learned so much! It was a full day of LinkedIn, mock interviews, and discussing the importance of thank you cards. I've been having a lot of fun; chilling and planning future travels but I do need to dedicate quite a bit of time getting myself in the mindset for job hunting. It's a full-time job in itself! 

It is simple to set intentions at every new moon, but I think that the extra knowledge of know about the signs can really tailor intentions to your specific needs. I am definitely not at astro whiz, I just have a few websites that are great resources! 

-The Numinous for an in-depth New Moon Reading and how your sign can manifest your goals.

-Astro Style gives 9 tips to tap into the spirit of the Aquarius new moon. 

I will be writing my intentions in my journal and hoping they will culminate by the Aquarius Full Moon on August 7, 2017. 

How will you harness the energy of the New Moon?

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