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I have a knack for numbers. I will always remember your birthday, address, receipt amounts, etc. Don't get it twisted, I'm not good at math, but there is just something about numbers that always sticks in my brain. I know not everyone is like this. In addition to this, I'm kinda weird about numbers. For example, I loathe odd numbers. They're aesthetically unpleasing and very unfair! It pains me that there is an odd number in my birth date (29) and I had to make sure that I got married on the most even of dates (02/08/2014). 

When I heard that Shay Martin was offering Year-Path Numerology readings, I jumped at the chance! She is a numerologist, reiki healer, and holistic health consultant here in Richmond! She specializes in Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing. Shay explains that, "Every year that you are living is governed by a particular energy that flows within a 1-9 cycle. These cycles govern the overall structure of the lessons you are here to learn. Your name represents your soul, and your date of birth represents the circumstances and conditions of your life, which will always maintain a trajectory that is aligned with your purpose. Your date of birth ensures that you will never stray too far away from what your soul originally intended. Every year you have the opportunity to learn to flow with the natural energies that govern your life so you can achieve Your Purpose!" 

photo via  Shay Martin

photo via Shay Martin

2016 was a 6 year for me.

Some key points from 2016 

*Disconnect from situations/relationships that do not bring harmony, balance, and positivity into your life. I live by this concept. I started the year leaving a job that was not positive for me. In 2016, I found a job that allowed me to balance work/school/life harmoniously.

*Spend as much time on loving and nurturing yourself as possible. Self-care, self-care, self-care! The most important relationship that I have is the one with myself! 

*Be there to listen to others, and give counseling when needed. I would certainly classify myself as a listener. I am always here with open heart and ears for those who need it.

*Express your creativity, artistically, and beautify your surroundings. I was not as creative as I hoped I would be in 2016, however, I have been on a mission to simplify my surroundings. I continue to KonMari my way into 2017 and hope beautifying my space will break down this block in creativity.

2017 is a 7 year for me.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

~ Lao Tzu

In a 7 year, it is time to evaluate what you have accomplished so far on your path since your current cycle began. You now have the opportunity to focus on where you are at mentally and connect your spiritual inner self. This year can reveal the nature of your fears that will challenge you to free yourself from any perspectives that no longer serve you moving forward. The 7 is the energy of meditation where you discover true nature of the Universe by looking within. The patterns of energy you see from day to day, the themes of your life, and your relationships all represent what is inside of you. They are all symbols of where you are in your development. This is a time to form a stronger connection to who you truly are through deep self-reflection. It is also your opportunity to seek knowledge in specific subjects you are drawn to learn more about. The 7 will reveal important insights that will strengthen your trust in the Universal process.

This year will help you to:

*Focus on meditation, self-help, and self-discovery. (Creating a solid meditation routine was one of my intentions for 2017!) 

*Gain a greater degree of enjoyment being and doing things by yourself.

*Pursue a higher education, research, and/or analysis into what you want to better understand. (I have been contemplating a paralegal certificate. Thoughts?) 

 *Open yourself up to concepts that you already know, but now can comprehend with a greater


*See how your mind creates your reality, and better understand how you can change your mind to

change your life. (It's all about your mindset, I have to remind myself of that, especially when dealing with others)

*Gain a deeper awareness that there is a precise reason for everything you perceive, experience,

and who you connect with. (After my job fiasco at the beginning of the year, I have never believed that "everything happens for a reason" more)

Thanks so much to Shay Martin for this year path reading! 

Want to know more about numerology? Find more information about Shay Martin and her services here!