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A few years ago, I listened to 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo on audiobook and have since been making the effort to convert to minimalism. My husband and I are genetically disposed to hoarding and together, we are super cluttery. I had to get on the bandwagon; everyone I knew was KonMari-ing! (If you're not familiar with the KonMari Method, it "is a way of life and state of mind that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in people's lives.") Visiting Japan for two weeks really kept the desire to downsize alive. I began clearing out my closet and I even hired a professional organizer to create an action plan for our home. I recently saw this quote by author Christina Scalise. "Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fuelled by procrastination" and it really resonated with me. Decluttering my physical space needed to happen so that I could effectively work on clearing the clutter from my mind. 


I have slowly begun tackling my vanity, which is basically my personal product collection mixed with gratis runoff gifted from all of my friends in the beauty industry! We are talking years of collected items, some of which I still have not used (but think I still might). Who knows when I'll need a purple and green YSL eyeshadow quad?!? I had so many eyeshadow singles and a spectrum of lippies that I hadn't used in years. Why was I so attached to holding onto these products that weren't being used in my everyday life? I told myself that I couldn't buy anything new unless it was replacing something that was leaving. One in, one out! I have downsized tremendously but I still have a long way to go. 

Since committing to using cruelty-free beauty products about three years ago, it has limited the product lines that I will buy. Implementing this rule has stopped me from frivolously spending money on products that don't align with my values. I won't even buy products from brands that don't test on animals but are owned by parent companies that sell in China. Milk Makeup has truly made it easy to shop completely cruelty-free and vegan while also staying hip with new, cool trends. Not all CF/V products are made from beeswax and sold at farmer's markets, ya know?


Adam introduced me to Milk Makeup, of course. I think he was shooting at the studio and got stickers or maybe he just gifted me a mini lipstick. (He gave me GNARLY, a demi-matte lipstick, which happens to fall in that ‘perfect shade of luscious’ category. I lost it, bought a new one, lost that, then found it in my couch.)  I'm obsessed with their minimal, sleek package design. They're really making holographic vibes have a moment and I'm here for it. The MILK font is uniquely simple and getting stickers with every order is always fun. Last year,  I got really into using products in stick form because they are especially easy for traveling. Milk Makeup is changing the way we view clean beauty. You will never see sulfates, parabens, talc, or mineral oil in their products. They use real ass ingredients, like avocado oil, sea minerals, and matcha! They have always been cruelty-free but very recently became 100 % vegan, as some of their products previously contained ingredients derived from animals. Now I'm crushing even harder on Milk Makeup! 

Their social media game is also very cool. They are forever engaging with their audience and you can just tell the vibe behind the brand is fresh and fun. Their makeup team turn out looks effortlessly and I’m constantly looking for tips. The brand is perfect for low maintenance, high vibe Judys,  like me. Their emails are hilarious and usually you can find a sweet deal, if you order on their website. I may or may not have purchased products, just to get a holo backpack and illuminati pin. The price point is cozy between affordable and borderline boujie. However, their products typically last me months, so it’s worth it to invest!

Here is a current glimpse of my Milk Makeup stash. There is still SO much that I need to try! Holo highlighters, eye pigment, lip vinyl. The list goes on. If you haven't tried Milk Makeup yet, I highly suggest that you peep the website or hit your nearest Sephora! (I still need to go and figure out what my foundation color is, for now I think I'm Golden Sand) 

Cooling Water: I use this under my eyes, first thing in the morning! Marine minerals depuff while caffeine gives the eyes an extra jolt of energy. This is also a nice treat right after the gym, if I can't make it home immediately. Keep this in the fridge over the Summer time and apply it whenever you need a mini cool down.

Luminous Blur Stick: This primer is the best of both worlds; blurs the pores while leaving a radiant, matte finish on the skin. It can be used on all skin types; great under foundation or on it's own for a subtle glow.

Mini Matte Bronzer: I'm not even entirely sure how to apply powder bronzer, so a cream bronzer seemed like a challenge. I have to use this product with a wet Beauty Blender and it’s magical. The application makes the contour seems intense but blends naturally and is long-lasting. 

Mini Glitter Stick: I luv ya, Milk but $14 for these minis hurt a little. Of course, I still bought it though! I keep this in my purse at all times. You just never know when you're gonna need some sparkle! A little goes a long way and I have loved replacing my normal highlighter for glitter highlight! This is the only mini that has broken and I use it the least. 🤔

Mini Blur Stick: The blur stick uses blurring microsphere technology and I just love how soft this makes my face feel. With my combination skin and oversize pores, the blur stick is my best friend. As of lately, I have been using the blur stick as my eyeshadow primer.

Mini Sunshine Oil: I got this cooling water + sunshine oil duo in my most recent Milk order. Sunshine Oil is multipurpose and can be used on the face, body, or hair. I have been using this at night as my eye cream. It depuffs the eyes and firms with caffeine! 


Ubame Mascara:  I first used this mascara after receiving it in a Birchbox. I was impressed by how long the mini tube lasted! The triple ball brush makes for hella voluminous lashes, which is always my goal. Formulated with ubame oak charcoal and infused with sapphire dust, this is no typical natural mascara. 

Flex Concealer: I have naturally dark circles underneath my eyes, so concealer IS LIFE. I always struggle with concealers creasing but this stays put! It's full coverage without feeling like it. 

Gel Brow in Dark Brew: Where has this eyebrow pencil been all of my life? I wanted all of my makeup to be waterproof when I was a teen. Once I found this pencil, I never looked back. Filling in my brows has never been so chill. Easy to apply and long-lasting! My only ultimate complaint is the fact that once it gets pretty small, it gets difficult to sharpen.  

Lip Color in Gnarly: Have you noticed yet that I love everything matte? The pigment in these lipsticks are highly vibrant and only a few swipes of lippie are needed to hold it down for a night. I am always impressed when this lipstick is still on after eating pho. 

Tattoo Stamps I mean, who doesn't want a face tattoo? Love these little stamps. I love to rock a tat on my cheekbone or my clavicle. I'm so excited that they finally came out with a crescent moon! Don't expect for these stamps to come off easy though, they claim to be temporary but you will need an oil-based remover to remove the evidence. Which means they're very legit.


Brands like Milk Makeup have made it so easy for beauty junkies to minimize their routines with clean, straightforward products. They created a dream brand without compromising their core values or quality of materials.  Their products are the perfect marriage of eco-conscious ingredients and effortless innovation that encourages high-vibe self expression.

Stay tuned as I continue to feature the few brands that I have continued to use on my makeup minimalist journey.