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I was beyond excited when Meaghan Gerrol, a Medical Esthetician at Renew Health & Wellness reached out to me about skincare services, She invited me to come by the medical office for a complimentary skincare consultation and facial  and was reaching out to local bloggers in an effort to build their aesthetics program. Renew currently specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy but also offers Botox, laser hair treatments, and waxing . It has been SO long since I have gotten a facial, at least two years! I was excited to get my skin under the magnifying glass and get some tips for my (slowly) aging skin.

                                               I forgot to take a before but this is after! 

                                               I forgot to take a before but this is after! 

We chatted for about 90 minutes before we started the service. She asked about my skincare concerns; which are to slow down the aging process, decongest my pores, and protect from the Sun. I expressed my concern for wearing make up while working at a restaurant and having oily skin but she said my foundation provides a layer between my skin and environmental toxins.  I really, really hate my nasolabial folds around my mouth. So I inquired about Botox and she kept it real!  Look, I'd like to keep my face as natural for as long as I can but I'm collecting info about injections and fillers, if I should ever change my mind. I'm also a #judyonabudget and do not foresee myself  paying for this service anytime soon but invite me to your Botox party and I might say yes. Renew offers SkinPen Microneedling, which is a slightly invasive procedure geared towards reducing fine lines and wrinkles. They also offer Hydrafacials, which I've already decided that I'm getting for my birthday. This technology invigorates the skin by cleansing and hydrating on a super insane level. Never forget that hydration is essential for radiant, youthful skin! 

We talked extensively about SkinPrint, the newest skincare line that was being introduced at Renew Health & Wellness. Before SkinPrint came a long, ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi had been the only product line they carried. ZO is a high-end skin exclusive skin care system while SkinPrint's price point is approachable and still provides incredible results. I still have a really hard time splurging on skincare but I know it's always worth the investment. Of course, I had to make certain that SkinPrint was definitely cruelty-free before I could commit to the service. SkinPrint was developed by Robert Manzo, a veteran of the skincare and fragrance industry. He created the line with the intentions of efficacious skin care for women after working in the industry for over 30 years. The description on the website mentions "when women look better, they feel better" and it was VERY clear this was designed for women. Kinda weird. And I certainly think men could use this line, NBD.

The facial was chill and relaxing until she began extractions. I've been really unhappy with the huge pores on my nose, so I let her extract for as long as she wanted to. She kept checking on me to make sure I was okay and I knew I just had to power through to get the results I had been wanting. she extracted for so long. she said she would do it as long as i wasnt bothered by it and i just had to power through because the pores on my nose are so damn clogged.

My skin soft and smooth right after my facial! It just felt so, so clean! Meaghan sent me home with a generous amount of Skinprint samples. I was gonna use the products and see how much I liked them. At first, I had no intentions of buying any products. However, after I used up my samples and saw how great my skin was, I was sold! Plus, I am really trying to streamline the number of product lines that I use. I was still using samples for my cleanser and moisturizer situation at home. Embarassing! Investing in a new line and a new system seemed like a good way to repair my Winter skin and prep for the Spring. I decided to buy the Purifying Cleanser, B5 Radiance Serum, and the Soft Touch Skin Lotion. SkinPrint was kind enough to gift me two full size products, the Exquisite Exfoliant, and C-Shield Vitamin C Serum. I'm really enjoying using a system right now! I'll be going back to get my SPF any day now. 


(product descriptions taken from skinprint.com)


This foaming facial cleanser has been formulated with pure glycolic acid to help skin turnover, leaving a smooth skin surface. It also removes dirt and oil from the skin to prepare it for active ingredients. It does not contain any ingredients that will clog your pores. Improves tone & texture while leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.

I love gel to foam cleansers so much. They are the only cleansers that make my face feel truly clean. In fact, I have been out of eye makeup remover, so I have been scrubbing extra with this cleanser to ensure my layers of makeup come off. (Don't judge. I was going to buy the Pacifica Cleansing Oil but then I didn't.) It's super gentle and my skin is feeling softer than ever! 


.Skinprint® has developed a unique blend of Vitamin B5, B3 and hyaluronic acid in high concentration. Allows the skin to bind and hold moisture while repairing superficial damage. Smooth, non-tacky formula hydrates skin while reducing redness. 

This is my day time serum, which is perfect for that low key glow.  It was suggested that I wear the B5 serum, followed by the C-Shield Vitamin C Serum. At this point, I think there might be too much product on my face because I am constantly able to roll excess product off of my face. My rose quartz face roller doesn't help too much.  It's so annoying under makeup application but atleast I figured why product was flaking off of my face!


This unique vitamin C serum contains AHA’s (glycolic acid) which work together with vitamin C to protect skin from damaging free radicals through a “quenching action” and gently exfoliates skin all day resulting in smoother skin texture, brighter skin and improved overall tone.

This is now my night serum! Especially since this can be used as a leave-on exfoliant, I just prefer to use it in the evening. I'm sure it's not problem to wear it during the day but I love my rituals. My biggest issue with this product is that it has to be kept refrigerated! My fridge is downstairs and my cat lives in the kitchen, so I have to be very strategic about my trips down there. I know, I sound lazy AF but I'm also very forgetful. I've been keeping this serum in the sunroom where there is no heat and it's probably colder than the outside.


    Ideal for sensitive skin. This lotion minimizes skin redness, allergies and rosacea. Contains anti-inflammatories to reduce inflammation. This lotion provides light moisturization to hydrate and protect skin on a daily basis  without ever feeling heavy or greasy or causing additional redness, irritation or skin reactions.

    I don't think I have sensitive skin but I'm all about reducing inflammation. This lotion is super lightweight and great under makeup. It absorbs into the skin really well and almost feels matte. I ALMOST don't even need a primer after moisturizing with this lotion. 


    This unique papain exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells from the skin’s surface for better tone & texture immediately after use. This exfoliating mask requires a 10-15 minute application time on the skin. This exfoliator is specifically formulated to avoid irritation potential. Does not contain ingredients that will clog your skin’s pores. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean.

    I prefer gentle yet potent exfoliants. My favorite fruit is papaya and I recognize that it has incredible skincare benefits. Papain is an enzyme present in papaya that is good for digestion, topical applications, immune support, and redness resistant. Talk about a magical fruit! I have been using this exfoliant twice a week, on Sundays & Tuesdays.

    I'm excited to continue using the SkinPrint system to see how my skin progresses. I do have one complaint.....the smells. They are hella perfumey and I am becoming highly sensitive to scent. It's not that serious but definitely something to consider if I'm gonna think about restocking. 

    Want to learn more about SkinPrint? Peep their website! Stay tuned for a fun event with SkinPrint at Renew Health and Wellness on Thursday, April 19th! More details to come, but I think it'll be pretty fun!