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I always feel super accomplished when I finish a product. It can be a sad day, if I loved it. Or a happy day, if I was patiently waiting to try something new. Moving on from a finished product is a new beginning, so I find it very exciting! Will I purchase this again? Was it a total waste of time? So many things to consider! Let's see how my latest batch of empties fared. 


PACIFICA BEAUTY Underarm Deodorant Wipes $9 for 30 wipes

I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found these deodorant wipes at Target! I'm one of those stinky girls and I'm forever worried that someone is going to gossip about my B.O. I'm so obsessed with these wipes that I buy multiple packages to always have on hand (purse, bathroom, etc). I know it's not very eco to use these as my primary deodorant, so these are kinda like my safety net. I'll use them after the gym or if I ride my bike to work. I try not to be excessive and use more than one a day but I can't make any promises in this Virginia humidity. They are formulated with witch hazel, coconut milk, shea butter, and sage extract; just to name a few natural ingredients. The scent is subtle yet long lasting.  I highly recommend these wipes to everyone. They’re the perfect remedy when you’re feeling unsure.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about natural deodorants!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover $11, 1oz

I stopped wearing waterproof makeup many years ago, but I still layer about 29 coats of mascara on the daily. Needless to say, taking off my eye makeup is a process. I tried going the budget route by using coconut oil but it gets tedious when it is solid. I was making a Sephora order and threw this in my cart because I had used it in the past. It's not technically cruelty-free, but I do love that it takes eye makeup off in one swipe! It has nice ingredients like, Pro-vitamin B5 that supports cell renewal and Cornflower Extract that soothes the skin. This is definitely an upgrade from my teenage years of using baby oil. Recommended for mascara junkies. 

MILK MAKEUP Matcha Cleanser $26, 1oz 

I am such a Milk Makeup fan girl rn. This was my first time using a solid stick cleanser and I still can't decide how I felt about it. Infused with matcha, this product is chock full of antioxidants. The solid has a beaded texture, so it is meant to exfoliate and purify the skin. The instructions say to take your makeup off before using the cleanser, but I mostly just wet my face and made circular motions. I would definitely cleanse the shit out of my face but never felt like my face was super clean. I always found myself using my micellar water after this cleanser, which maybe defeats the purpose. I also did not enjoy the sensation that I felt when I would rub this solid across my forehead. So bony and such an awkward feeling. I am still down for Milk Makeup, but I definitely don't think this product is worth $26. I cleanse twice a day and it was done in about 6 weeks. I always feel like cleansers last forever. Great for traveling though, since it is TSA approved. Maybe I'll keep it in my travel bag?

PETER THOMAS ROTH Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Mask $39, 5oz

First things first, Peter Thomas Roth is no longer cruelty-free. So Elements Beauty Shop decided to drop the line and put his stuff on clearance! What they're selling is cruelty-free, but any future products would not have been. I cannot resist a sale, so I jumped at the chance to stock up on some PTR. Hydrating masks are always necessary, but especially when you're hungover. This mask was such a pretty arctic blue iridescent color and I always found time to slather it all over my face. I loved how it tingled because I knew it was doing wonders for my skin. I definitely used this 1-2x a week and it lasted about a year. It burns to spend $50+ on a product, but when it lasts forever it is kinda worth it. Not only is it on sale at Elements, but also on the PTR website. Why oh why did they have to go un-cruelty-free?


HERB & SOUL Lavender Hemp Body Oil $5.99, 4oz

Ok, honestly....I bought this at TJ MAXX in the Outer Banks. I was desperately seeking a body oil and I couldn't resist the $5.99 price tag. Plus, I am so down for hemp products. After using this for 2 months straight, I'm questioning whether or not I am actually a body oil lover. I typically only used this oil before bed and I found it incredibly messy! I understand that a dropper cap is super convenient but I wish more body oils came with a pump dispenser. I tried to research this product line in depth but I could barely find an Amazon listing, which by the way is selling this oil for $23. FYI, you'll probably never be able to find this UK based product.

MAVEN MADE Anti-Aging Serum $26, .05oz

If my skincare guru Lauren taught me anything, it is to invest in a great serum. I purchased this on a whim at a local market and was excited to try this Richmond-based, female-owned brand. With this product, it makes sense to have a dropper cap because the instructions suggest 5-6 drops of oil. With my combination skin, I am still unsure if facial oils are good for me. I WANT TO BELIEVE! I really enjoyed this serum, especially while I was in dry ass California; it totally saved my skin. My only beef is that this serum has a really distinct scent and one ingredient just did not sit well with me. It was kinda smoky and I decided it was the apricot kernel oil, but I could be wrong. Once I applied moisturizer, the aroma was subdued. Overall, I loved the serum so much that I was able to forget about the scent. I think this product is going to be great in the Winter! 

Fun fact: Bring your empty Maven Made bottle to their next event and receive $2 off your purchase.  

PACIFICA BEAUTY Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic $12, 8oz

What can I say? Micellar water is so hot right now. I have heard of so many people who have given up washing their faces for micellar water. What's the big deal? Micelles are tiny particles of cleansing oil that have been added to soft water. It is gentle and can have many uses, like cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. I use it in the morning when I wake up and if I'm being lazy, at night before bed. If I'm wearing makeup, I usually run it over my face twice. With my skin type and line of work, I'm not totally convinced that micellar water can replace a refreshing night cleanse. While I love that island coconut scent, I think I'm gonna try the kale micellar tonic next. 

As much as I am going to miss these products, I look forward to the products on the horizon. There are a few that I will be replenishing and others that I will retire. It’s always so fun to try new things and find something that truly works. Remember, what works for me might not work for you, I’m just here to guide you in the right direction. :)