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*Let me just start by saying, I am fully aware that the best way to detox is to drink water, exercise, eat raw greens and veggies, etc. However, sometimes I just need extra herbal assistance.* 

I was first introduced to the Renew Life brand while visiting my local natural grocery store, Ellwood Thompson's. They were featuring a variety of the cleanses that they offered for a discounted price. I purchased the Renew Life First Cleanse  since it would be my first time using an herbal detox . Trust and believe, I have tried the Master Cleanse, juice cleanses, fasting, etc but I wasn't exactly sure how it would affect my body. With the First Cleanse, you take one pill twice a day. It promotes detoxification, elimination, and gets rid of digestive toxins. It is super gentle and I never really felt like I was doing a cleanse. It never affected my daily life at all. 

While the First Cleanse helped keep my system regular, I still felt incredibly bloated. Honestly, I feel like I've been bloated since April !! I felt great results after the First Cleanse but then I went to California and ate a shit load of dairy and gluten and came back more bloated than before! I was desperate to relieve my belly bloat; I was so uncomfortable and had the worst indigestion. It was time for another cleanse.


The Flush and Be Fit cleanse and detox is a 14-day system. It is advertised as a women's care product but let's be real, that's just marketing. (And I totally bought it!) You take two pills in the morning and afternoon, then one pill in the the evening. I strategically placed my pills in spots where I wouldn't forget to take them. The AM pills were near my matcha, the afternoon pills were in my purse, and the PM pills on my bedside table. Honestly. the hardest part of this cleanse was remembering to take the pills! At the end of the 14 days, I still had a few afternoon and evening packs let. If you're not a space cadet, like me, I'm sure you'll be fine to remember to take the pills. 

All of the supplements are made with different ingredients.

For instance, the Morning Pack, which should be taken on an empty stomach, is made with Milk Thistle Extract, Chlorella, Dandelion Extract, Taurine, Burdock Extract, Red Root Bark, Horsetail Extract, Red Clover Extract, Turmeric Extract, Wild Indigo Herb, Cranberry Extract, and Hibiscus Flower. 

The Afternoon Pack should be taken with a meal and is made with Yerba Mate extract, Korean Ginseng Extract, Ashwaganda Extract, Cayenne Fruit, Green Tea Extract Leaf, Rhodiola Extract, Bitter Orange Fruit Extract, Banaba Extract Leaf, and Gotu Kola Extract plus about 4 billion probiotic cultures. 

The Evening Pack is a combination of Magnesium, Cape Aloe Leaf, Rhubarb Extract, Buckthorn Extract, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, and Marshmallow Root. 

These timing of these pills encourage detoxification and elimination. I tried to stay around a comfortable bathroom shortly after the AM/afternoon pills. I never found myself in an emergency situation, which was a relief. Remember to drink lots of water when taking these pills. I may or may not have washed down an afternoon pack with a daiquiri. 


It's important to maintain a healthy diet while cleansing. Eating crap will certainly counteract the benefits. My morning smoothie consists of 16oz of cashew milk, 1 banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, 2 tbsp peanut butter powder, 2 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp spirulina, and 1 tsp of Moon Juice Spirit Dust. Sometimes I'll throw in a handful of spinach, if I have it and plant-based protein powder, which I recently found a brand that I like ! (Nutiva Hemp Protein) Sometimes I start my morning with fresh papaya or gluten-free blueberry waffles. Throughout the day, I was snacking on cucumbers & miso, veggie burgers, raw cashews, hummus, and lots and lots of water.

It is SO SO SO necessary to stay properly hydrated while cleansing as well. You are literally flushing your system of digestive toxins. Every night, I fill up my 25oz Swell bottle with water, a splash of apple cider vinegar and chug it as soon as I wake up. It is good to know how many ounces your reusable water bottle is! I try to drink at least 3 full bottles a day. I am constantly putting liquids in my body, which keeps me flushing! Matcha in the morning, kombucha for lunch, and water before bed! 


Staying active is very necessary to assist your cleanse. It is crazy how doing a Half Lord of the Fishes twist can stimulate the digestive system! Since my car has been in the shop for 3 weeks, I have been riding my bike every day, *trying* to do yoga everyday, and squatting with my kettle bell. It is so easy for me to fall off of my workout game and I always forget how good I feel when I am active every day. Every other Saturday of the month, Project Yoga Richmond offers donation based yoga classes on the deck of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Each class supports a different outreach program, so not only does it feel good to do yoga, but it feels better to support great causes! When I showed up, I was so excited for a spot in the middle of the deck! Yes, the sun was beating down on me, but I had my Coola sunscreen on and it felt just like a heated studio session.


 Set realistic expectations when doing a detox cleanse. Don't expect to do this cleanse and lose 10lbs! Do expect to have more energy, a regular system, less belly bloat, and a stronger desire for a healthier lifestyle. This cleanse is super gentle, however, I don't recommend cleansing more than once a month. 

Did I miss anything? Have more questions? Interested in doing a Renew Life cleanse?! Holla at me !