My hair has been super long for about 10 years now. I spent most of my early 20s working in salons as a receptionist and everyone was always playing with my hair. Even though I had no desire to color or cut, I always wanted to be in the chair and get the client treatment. My former hairstylist remedied this desire by foiling my hair with a conditioning mask and cutting 4 inches off of my locks around my birthday every year. Sometimes she'd give me layers and sometimes she'd cut off 6 inches, but never any more! 

About 3 years ago, my former hairstylist and I broke up. In a drunken act of rebellion (it was St. Patrick's Day), I let my friend cut off 10 inches on my hair in my kitchen. Other than the fact that it was crooked as fuck, I had no regrets. Soon after, I went in for a proper trimming. We ended up cutting 4 more inches off. 14 inches and my hair was still super long! Every year since then, I have been cutting off more hair. Last year, I even got balayage and two haircuts! 

I really wanted to cut my hair short when I turned 30 last year but I was hesitant. As my birth month approached this year, I knew it was time. I had been dreaming of short hair and it just felt right. Plus, I wanted to look fierce at Adam's wedding. In February, I booked an appointment with Welsy Mourino at Elle Style Studio and couldn't even wait ! 


Welsy braided my hair to cut the length because I am donating it! In the past, I have donated hair to this organization called Children With Hair Loss. They accept hair as short as 8 inches, plus they will accept color-treated hair, if it is healthy and in good condition. They always send a newsletter and it makes me so happy to know that I am helping a child in need! 10 inches is on the way! 


Look at how thick the braid is! Should I turn it into a makeup brush? 




WELSY // mixing up the magic


obligatory in the chair selfie 



10 inches and sun-kissed balyage later!

Since Welsy cut the color out, the hair that she painted was basically virgin. I lifted so many levels and I am so obsessed with how light she took me! Welsy said I'm close to being J.Lo beige, so I might go back in 8 weeks for more color! (She had me at J.Lo)

I picked up bottle of Eufora International Curl'n Enchancing Shampoo to keep my color fresh. Welsy recommended that I wash 1-2X a week with a quarter-sized amount of shampoo. I always equate lather with clean, but I must remember that high quality hair care products don't normally lather as much. The entire Eufora line is plant based and geared towards color-treated hair. The base to the whole line is certified organic pharmaceutical grade aloe vera gel as opposed to water, which is dehydrating! When you pay good money for fabulous hair, it's so necessary to maintain it with great products! 


I am so so pleased with my new hair! This cut was the perfect decision as weather gets warmer. I thought I would be a little bit sad about not having my long hair anymore, but I have no regrets! I may even keep this length for awhile! 

Thinking about a drastic change? Listen your gut!