I was first introduced to the luxury skin care brand, LATHER, when I first started blogging at Elements Beauty Shop. I am a sucker for great product design, so immediately I was drawn to the clean, simple packaging. The brand has a holistic approach towards skin-care by using aromatherapy and natural ingredients to create high-quality products that are great for the body and mind. They rely on pure essential oils, fruits, herbs, and other organic ingredients to create products that are free of synthetics, parabens, and sulfates. 

LATHER's mantra is "Clean Living for a Radiant Life" and I, too, am trying to be about that life!! As I begin the aging process, it important that I am aware of the food and products that I consume. Did you know the average woman puts around 500 chemicals on her body daily? Ever since I became an Elements Beauty Blogger, I have become more dedicated to cruelty-free beauty.  As an animal lover and aspiring vegan, no tube of mascara is worth millions of animals suffering. Conscious, ethical brands like LATHER make it so easy to be guilt-free when shopping for skin/body care!  

Over the Summer, I received a fun care package from LATHER. I got to try out some new products and restock my old faves! I

images via  lather  

images via lather 


After years of using loofahs, I was ready to elevate my bath time ritual. Also, I started using more soap bars, so a washcloth felt necessary. Made with organic cotton and sustainable bamboo fibers, this washcloth fights off bacteria and mildew. As a closet germophobe, this puts my mind at ease. I mean, this washcloth has a huge responsibility and it does a the job right! 


I am so guilty of being one of those girls who freakin' luvs lavender. Yes, I love honey lavender tea and dream of visiting Provence. This duo treat really takes me there.

Lavender & Olive Foaming Body Scrub - First of all, this is a major upgrade from the good ol' days of St. Ives Apricot Scrub. The olive gives this a nutty scent that pairs well with the lavender and I kinda wanna eat it. The gritty texture is gentle & powerful. As we lurk into Winter, I know I'll be working overtime sloughing away dead skin.

Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Creme - Formulated with coconut & jojoba oils, plus shea butter; this creme is truly luscious. It's delicate scent still offers an aromatic punch upon first touch. I love the way that my skin feels after it has totally absorbed into my skin! Plus, I think I much prefer the wide mouth container over a pump.


I was so not prepared for the potency of this product the first time that I tried it. I had an aching back and slapped on some muscle gel before bed. I was probably two scrolls deep when the fast acting plant extracts started to kick in! WHEW! It was straight sensational; chilling and burning in the best way possible. Last week, the back of my knee was so swollen and it hurt to walk. Muscle ease gel totally took the pain away and it hasn't hurt since. 


Judy Dudes need luv too. I love a multi-purpose product and this shave oil fits the bill. Use it as a pre-treatment, shave oil, or grooming aid! Great for mustaches, beards, and sometimes my armpits. Be aware that the oil won't glide as easily on the skin, but I feel like it has a moisturizing affect. For some reason, I was apprehensive about the citrus, herbal notes. It reminds me of the mountains and also of toothpaste. It's crazy.


I've always had a love-hate relationship with shaving, so that's why I lasered everything off! JK, but for real, I pretty much have to shave my legs everyday. This is one of the few pros of Winter.  ;) Formulated with glycerin for extra moisture, this almond shave creme smells like decadent marzipan. Great for dry or sensitive skin, but everyone should use ! Shaving with the wrong products can really irritate the skin. I suggest always throwing down for quality shave products. 


Quite possibly my favorite LATHER product ever. I come from a long line of Flinstone feet, so I'm try to take extra special care of my dogs. Chock full of soothing herbs, this creme stimulates circulation while increasing softness and moisture. I like to generously apply this to my feet and cover with socks before bed. I can really feel the difference in my heels when I am not consistently using this.  Lavender & Eucalyptus are my fav power couple.


Ok, honestly. I don't use the washcloth for my body anymore. It is strictly for removing face masks. (I kept forgetting to wash it.) That's why I love the sponge. I let it air out on my shower shelf and it dries up til my next scrub down. It definitely can absorb a small amount of gel, which is great for prolonging yr favorite body wash!  


Last Winter, my lips were on fire. I thought it was due to the cold weather, but it turns out I was allergic to my favorite lipstick! In the meantime, I purchased this lip scrub for relief. The sugar crystals are tasty and gave me sweet relief to my red, itchy lips. A lip scrub is more important than you think, especially if you fux with matte lipstick. You (I) do not wanna be that girl! 


Faux ocean scent is usually either delightfully refreshing or induces sea sickness. Luckily, this cleanser is abundant in seaweed oil and aloe vera giving it invigorating, fresh marine notes. Loaded with essential vitamins, this gel is super hydrating. Close yr eyes, smell the ocean breeze, and pretend yr in an outdoor shower. (That's what I do) LATHER up with yr sea wool sponge or add this body wash to your bath!

If you're in Richmond, stop by Elements Beauty Shop and give some LATHER products a whiff. There is a LATHER store in Fairfax, VA that I am dying to check out. Or you could just go to

Stay tuned; just got my paws on some new LATHER swag !  Can't wait to tell you more about their new holiday gifts!




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