May BirchBox

While I feel like BirchBox is trying to run out their supply of Tocca products, I am pretty pleased with everything I received! You all know I'm a Coola fangirl with a strong desire to minimize pores, maximize my cat-eye, and never wash my hair. My theory about getting bunk boxes during odd numbered months has been proven wrong. (I'm crazy!) Let's peep out the goodies!  


COOLA Mineral SPF 30 Daydream Makeup Primer 

If you read my previous post, you know that I am serious when it comes to suncare! I spent too many years not protecting my skin and I've got some making up (get it)  to do! This primer-sunscreen combo is a dream come true. Not only will it prep your skin for immaculate makeup, it will shield against the sun. This product feels silky on the skin and minimizes pores in the process. What more could I ask for? (A bigger sample ;P)

TOCCA Crema da Mano in Bianca

I had to bust on Birchbox just a little bit because I've already received two Tocca perfume samples! All different 'girls',  but let's be real, how many versions of floral, citrus scents does one person need?! This scent is the most mild, IMO. Tocca hand creams are insanely hydrating because they are formulated with shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe. I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer so much at work, it's nice to have this ON HAND to indulge.

AMIKA Perk Up Dry Shampoo

First of all, the Sea Buckthorn Berry gives this dry shampoo such a beachy-fruity scent. I didn't realize that most dry-shampoos use aluminum shavings or talc as a main ingredient. However, amika uses rice starch and it is safe for color-treated hair. Obliphica oil moisturizes hair while repairing split ends. Some dry shampoos really weigh my hair down, but this spray leaves my  hair feeling lighter and softer. Stay tuned for my upcoming post dedicated to dry shampoo.

DR. BRANDT PoreDermabrasion

I am on a lifelong quest to minimize my pores. The other night I fell asleep with my makeup on and I knew the only to rectify that situation was with potent exfoliation. Salicylic acid unclogs pores while lentil seed extract tightens the pore walls. The results were immediate. My pore size reduced almost instantly. The scrub was gentle and I love the minty-fresh scent. It's going to be so hard to only use this 1-2x a week!

EYEKO Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner 

I am an advocate for liquid eyeliner as it is the only way to get a winged-eye done, IMO. I received the Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner in one of my first Birchboxes and while it is a great product, I just prefer skinny liners. There is less room for error, yet it's so easy to build on. Eyeko products are smudge-proof, budge-proof, and fade-proof. I can count on this liner to stay bold throughout a long day. This is perfect gals on the go, who don't have time to reapply. However, this lives in my purse, just in case. ;) 

What was in your May Birchbox?!?


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