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Growing up, I have always been a sun-worshipper. Getting tan was #1 on my agenda, much to my grandmother's chagrin. Between the tanning bed and the beach, I would do whatever it took to be the perfect shade of bronze. It wasn't until my mid-20s that I started to realize that I needed to protect my skin! (Thanks, Lauren!) I sit back and think about all of the years of wearing SPF 4 and I cringe. While I am much better about prevention, the older that I get, the more I have become terrified of sun exposure. Yet, my desire to be tan still remains strong! What's a Judy to do??

Cue: Malibu Tans! A wonderful, sunless alternative to getting your tan on. Alison Renahan, owner and Richmond's #1 professional spray tanner offers luxury airbrush tanning, right here in RVA! Located in the Near West End, (Skipwith & Parham) a quick session with Alison will make you feel like you've been sunning on Zuma Beach. Malibu Tans offers a variety of services; Full Tan (Standard), Half Tan (Waist Up or Down), Express Tan (Color within the hour), and Face Tan (Bronze that mug!). She even offers strap mark fill-in, which I am so grateful for and I wish had been available before my high school Senior Portraits.

Every time I go to Miami, I have to get a spray tan! It's so necessary to keep up with the South Beachians. I normally go at the end of April, so I am still coming out of my Winter paleness. There is nothing better than getting sprayed to really get you in the Summer mindset.

Welcome to Malibu Tans!

As soon as you walk into salon, you instantly feel transported to Malibu. It smells like the beach! 

PREACH. I *almost* asked her to contour me some abs. 

This is where the magic happens! Alison offers hair nets, pasties, thongs, earplugs, footies, you name it.....she will make sure you are as comfortable as possible before your session begins. I opted for to get sprayed topless with underwear, simply because I wanted the tan line. I was glad that she had makeup face wipes available because I didn't even think about taking my face off before my spray.

I told Alison that I was down to go dark and I let her decide exactly how dark that would be. Last Miami trip, my reference point was Kourtney Kardashian. LOL. She let me know that she would save the formula, so I could request this shade for future appointments or change it if necessary. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone, derived from plant sources like sugar beets/sugar cane) is the active ingredient in the solution, which is organic, paraben-free, AND environmentally-friendly. That's so Malibu!

It's necessary to exfoliate before you tan. You want to remove dead, dry skin cells to get the best out of your spray.  Make sure to pay special attention to knees and elbows. Alison sprays you twice; front, back, left, right, & face. She even makes your booty cheeks are evenly sprayed! It takes 8 hours for the solution to develop (unless it's an express tan!). It's so important not to get your skin wet in this time. No sweating, no showering, and no rain!! She suggested that I go home and get into a loose sweatshirt/sweatpants and to make sure not to cross my legs. This was the night before my birthday and my friends wanted to grab a drink, so I went out in blue velour genie pants and a black sweatshirt. It was pretty fierce. Luckily, the rain stopped for my walk to/from the bar. 

Loved catching up with this lady! 

Here is a picture of my butt/tanline the morning after my tan. Look at how NOT ORANGE, I am. I'd say this is very caramel macchiato. I can definitely achieve this color naturally, but the spray is guilt-free. SO DARK AND I LUV IT. 

I wore my Brittanny Chanel Taurus midi ring the night that I got sprayed. I didn't even think about it! I kinda like how it looks though and it makes me wanna get a finger tat. 

This is 4 days after my spray, sitting on South Beach, checking out my Coola suncare! (I know I'm in the shade but I didn't take many pix in Miami. Please don't mind my face!) 

After you get sprayed, it's necessary to keep your body moisturized. However, make sure to check your products; mineral oils can strip your tan, as well as petroleum & sodium laureth sulfates. Certain bar soap brands can also affect your tan, so I just used body wash with my hands. Keep showers cool and quick. It's not suggested that you shave your legs after getting sprayed, but I just had to do it while in MIA! (SORRY!) I don't think that it affected my tan too much! Spray tans can last anywhere from 5 to 10 days and this was day 5. I think my legs look pretty good and bronze!

If you've been wondering about the world of spray tanning, take the plunge and check out Malibu Tans!  Alison is running some awesome specials, buy two tans and get one free!! Also, refer a friend and get $10 towards your next tan. It's so easy to book your appointment online through Vagaro. Tell her Luscious Judy sent you! 

Cheers to being bronze! 


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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