Oh, how I love Springtime! The birds are chirping, the dogwoods are blooming, and my skin can finally catch a break from the harsh winter weather! I tucked away my sweaters and snow boots, broke out my pastel pinks; revamping my beauty routine is the next step as I transition into Spring skin care. 

As I am squeezing the last drops of my moisturizer, the timing could not have been more perfect! Elements Beauty Shop is hosting a Spring beauty event called BEAUTY IN BLOOM. All of the Elements Beauty Bloggers will be there as well as Julie Glazer, a skincare representative from Erno Laszlo. She'll have gifts with purchase, giveaways, and answers to your questions about the brand! 

I am not familiar with Erno Laszlo at all, a few other Elements Beauty Bloggers are big fans. It was really fun to research the essence and culture of the brand. Hungarian-born Erno Laszlo was a world renowned doctor, who specialized in skin pathology and skin disease in the 1920s. His early claims to fame were treating Princess Stephanie's acute acne (which led to the development of pHormula 3:9) and treating Hungarian actress Frida Gombaszögi's after she was shot in the face. (Fun fact: her sister Irene married Erno!) After building quite the following in the United States, Dr. Erno Laszlo went to open an Institute on New York City's Fifth Avenue in 1939. His clientele ranged from European royals to Manhattan elite to Hollywood starlets. It was nearly impossible to get an appointment, unless you were Greta Garbo! He continued to foster a culture of exclusivity until demand got so high, he sold the operation to the Chesebrough-Ponds company. This never changed the integrity of his product, just made it more accessible to those who so desired it. With close to 90 years as a pivotal brand, Erno Laszlo remains 'the authority on skincare'.

I couldn't wait to give my skin the Hollywood treatment after receiving these samples from Elements Beauty Shop! (Thank you!) First of all, they are so mini and cute; I wish I could get everything in this size. It's been about 3 weeks since I have been using this system and I am finally ready to tell you all about it. 


1. WHITE MARBLE TRANSLUCENCE CREAM: This revitalizing face cream is perfect for brightening and balancing the skin tone. It is also known to heal & repair sun damage, while enhancing luminosity. One thing that I definitely noticed is that it helped my makeup stay on longer/look better throughout the day! 

2. PHELITYL CLEANSING BAR: This botanical face wash is perfect for dry skin. It is supposed to boost cell turnover while nourishing the skin. I didn't love this cleansing bar as much as I love the sea mud, but that's just me! (Make certain to wash your face with their special Splashing Technique! (After using the Pre-Cleansing Oil, fill a basin with warmish water, lather with the bar and splash your face 20 times. To rinse, splash your face 10 times!) 

3. LIGHT CONTROLLING LOTION: The holy grail of toners! I love using this at night, clove oil is a main ingredient that is perfect for eliminating bacteria and oil on the skin. Perfect for those with large pores, like me! 

4. PHELITYL PRE-CLEANSING OIL: With my oily skin, I didn't think that I would benefit from this pre-cleansing oil, but I was SO WRONG. Formulated with 13  essential oils + vitamins A, C, E for nourishment, this oil removes makeup and trapped grime before you begin to cleanse! 

5. TRANSPHUSE DAY SERUM: This product is best used in the morning after toning. I was immediately drawn to this because it claims to "repair and plump fine lines for a smoother, firmer complexion, acts as a derma filler" I have been exclusively using this on my forehead and frown lines. It's only been a few weeks, but the collagen boost has been noticed!  

6. HYDRAPHEL SKIN SUPPLEMENT LOTION: This alcohol-free toner calms and hydrates the skin after cleansing.  Vitamin B encourages renewal and repair while panthenol reduces inflamattion. This works better for those with dry skin!

7. ERNO LASZLO SEA MUD DEEP CLEANSING BAR: Annie Hall loved this exfoliating cleansing bar and I do too!!! Formulated with 26 minerals, it will also restore your mineral levels without stripping the skin.  Dead sea mud exfoliates and refines the complexion, while removing impurities for soft, beautiful skin! It is perfect if you are prone to occasional breakouts, like me! I cannot pinpoint the scent of this bar, but it smells like luxury!!

It was so nice to overhaul my Winter routine and shift into Spring with such a glamorous skincare line! It gave me a chance to reassess my skincare needs.I started to make a list of things that I need. Here is a preview of a few items I plan to pick up at BEAUTY IN BLOOM.

photo via  elements

photo via elements


The Evercalm line is geared towards sensitive/delicate skin, however I love this moisturizer because of it's global protective complex (a potent blend of botanical extracts). Often times I forget about how environmental aggression/pollution affects my skin. Protection is necessary for city life. Plus, it combats the signs of premature aging! A staple in my vanity, for sure! 

photo via  elements

photo via elements


A sunscreen that doubles as a natural BB cream?? Where was this product when I was 15 and wearing makeup at the beach! I love this sunscreen when I am in need of sheer coverage. I add a spritz of Coola Makeup Setting Spray and my face is done! I love knowing that my skin is protected from the sun and I swear the matte finish also works as a pore minimizer. This is coming to Miami with me! 

photo via  elements

photo via elements


I have dabbled with so many different clay masks and I must say, this is my absolute favorite! No really, I am obsessed. It cleanses and exfoliates yet is very soothing. This is my secret weapon.  Every Sunday, I relax with 10 minute of this mask, but it works wonders as a spot treatment. I use it before bed and it zaps the blemishes away. I am seriously crushing on this clarifying clay mask! 


I can't wait for the event on Tuesday! Come hang with the Elements Beauty Bloggers! We all have different skin types and needs, it's always fun to get together and share our favorite products. I'm looking forward to replenishing a few products in my stockpile. I love any reason to shop at Elements. Not just because it is within walking distance of my house, but I am proud support a local, woman-owned business. The cherry on top is knowing that none of the products are tested on animals. This shop has made the transition to cruelty-free beauty so much more simple! 

photo via  elements

photo via elements

Hope to see you there, Judys! Don't forget to use my code for a discount on your haul! 

Beauty in Bloom: 

Tuesday, April 19--5:30-8:00pm 

Elements of Carytown, 3425 West Cary Street