It's been over ten years since I got my last pair of glasses. My eyes aren't totally bad, the right is just weaker than the left. I can totally survive without them, but I would kinda just like to have some on deck. Glasses would certainly help when I drive at night; and now that school is back in session, I have noticed a need for new specs. Last week, my man and I turned date night into a trip to the eye doctor and topped it off with pizza and churros at Costco. 

We just couldn't wait to get our painfully hip paws on a Warby Parker At Home Try On kit. If you're not familiar with this service, this designer eyewear brand will send you five frames to test out for five days! It's free and they'll even cover the return shipping. At this moment in time, I have gone over the five day limit, so we shall see if I get penalized. However, we already ordered our new frames! So they can't be too mad right? Regardless, it's a pretty cool feature of the brand. Waaaay better than any app that will put the frames on a picture of your face. In addition, Warby Parker says that with every pair purchased, a pair is donated to non-profits in developing countries. The organizations then train individuals to be able to give eye exams and sell glasses. Warby Parker is making eyecare available to those who may otherwise not have access. I am ALL ABOUT THIS.

Let the trials begin!

Here is what I look like without glasses, in case you forgot. According to WP, there are a few rules when it comes to choosing the right pair of glasses. Your pupils should be in the center, your eyebrows shouldn't be covered, and the frames shouldn't rise when you smile. I don't know how to smile for real tho. 


Not smiling, pursing my lips. They sit a little low and I just don't think round frames are for me !



I can't explain why, but I was instantly drawn to these frames. Is it because they're rose gold? Or called 'bellini'? I kinda feel like a Golden Girl hipster, but what really is a hipster anway?


Well, these are a FIRM NO. The frames are too small, however, I do love the tortoise. 


These are nice and classic. These are my third favorite.


I really, realllly like these glases. I can see myself wearing them everyday, even though my eye doc said I only need to wear glasses part time. 

Decisions, decisions! Good thing I have five days to decide! 

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