Of course, Jennifer Lopez is a Leo! I have been a J.LO fan since the first time that I saw her in Selena. I remember stealing her CD 'On The 6' when I was 13. (Sorry Mom) I have always thought she was so cool and pretty; we would totally be friends now. 'Jenny From The Block' is one of those karaoke songs that I don't know the words to, but always try to sing. 

I cannot even believe she is turning 46! This means that she was in her prime in her 30s, which is inspiring. 'Waiting for Tonight' was the last song that was played at my wedding. I may have ran away from a photo in front of Hemingway's Pool, in order to dance to this song with my friends (Sorry Ellen). Can we agree this video was the coolest thing about Y2K? 

Happy Birthday to a true Luscious Judyspiration!