Buttermilk Bake Shop has been on my radar for awhile but I hadn't made the trip south of Richmond to Petersburg yet. When my girl Andrea needed a ride to an appointment out that way, I immediately said yes!  A trip to the bakery was the first stop.. 

I have been familiar with co-owner, Laura Boehmer's baked goods for years. Fun fact: We used to be roomies and she made me a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for my 21st birthday. For years, Laura has been blazing the crumb trail with amazing doughnuts, scones, and wedding cakes!  My mouth was watering at the thought of finally checking out the spot, even though I planned on giving up sugar for the month June. Also, it was a hot six minutes away from Andrea's appointment.

Clearly, I could not decide on what I wanted. I chose a donut filled with buttercream & blueberries and a vegan strawberry cupcake. I was already jazzed on coffee but was so tempted to get more. I quickly housed my doughnut and got back in line for the jalapeño scone that I had been eyeing. A fresh batch of lemon blueberry doughnuts just came out of the oven and they looked incredible. 

The bakery babe was so nice and let me choose the best doughnut. The blueberry to buttercream ratio was perfect. I waited until I got home to eat the vegan cupcake and it was delicious. Great consistency, sweet frosting, and mini bites of strawberry. I wished that I had more jalapeño scones. I got it then decided to save it for James. After it spent a few hours in my purse, I couldn't resist. I ate half with intentions to give him the other, but finished that too. Sorry babe. 

This wallpaper is everything. 

It is so, so worth the 25 minute drive to Petersburg for this wonderful bake shop. You could definitely pop into an antique store while you're in the area! Can't wait to go back for blueberry donuts and key lime pie!! 

Buttermilk Bake Shop is located on 257 East Bank Street in Petersburg, VA 23803. They are closed on Mondays, FYI; open early til 5 day, Tuesdays-Sundays. 

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