The Taurus New Moon is here, y'all!

 Astrologer Molly Hall said this Taurus New Moon is 'the most lusciously Venusian of the year'. (I still cannot remember how we decided on the word 'luscious' for this blog, but I always get super pumped when I see it being used. ) Her description could not be more perfect. Venus is the planet of love and beauty; it also happens to be the planet that rules Taurus (and Libra). When the Sun and the Moon are ruled by Venus, the planetary message being sent is to ground yourself.

I started this process by painting my toenails red. The color red is associated with the root chakra, which is the grounding force allows us to connect to the earth energies. I got reiki session last year at the Psychic Festival, the practitioner let me know that focusing my attention on the color red, as simple as red nail polish, could assist in grounding my energy.


The new moon represents new beginnings. This is the perfect time to set new intentions, plant new seeds, and embrace a fresh start. Plant your feet on the ground and restore your balance. Taurus is the most grounded, feminine power sign.  Finances and personal values are ruled by Taurus, so this is an ideal time to set new financial intentions. I definitely chuckled when I heard that Taurus ruled finances because mine could use some improvement. I'm not a total scrub when it comes to money, but I'm not as rich as Adam. :) I just have dumb spending habits, like hitting the salad bar every day or accidentally spending $46 at Bangles & Beads

My cosmic gurus, the Astrotwins, made of list of ways to activate the Taurus New Moon. It including changing habits, embracing boredom, and raising your voice for a cause. Read the full report here. Tomorrow I am starting a new internship and the timing is perfect. I am planting the seeds for what is next to come!! 



I love starting a fresh journal. Gifts from Lauren and indulgences from me from Verdalina

This is where I'll be writing my New Moon intentions. I'll check back during the Taurus Full Moon on October 27. 

Over the Moon. 

Happy Taurus New Moon to my earthy bulls. Enjoy this playlist that I cooked up! Not sure why it won't embed but I'm really feeling it.