Lookin for some #hairspiration? Redken Artists Chiala Marvici and Emily Heser are serving award show inspiration in these 4 tutorials!  (Tutorials directed by Redken's Global Creative Team, which includes our O.J., Adam!) 

Undone Bun 

One bobby pin to rule this look! Make sure to have my favorite Redken product on hand, Fashion Waves

Voluminous Ponytail

Wind Blown for texture + your hand for back combing?? VOLUME. Even I  will be able to recreate this look. 

Messy Waves

I love how she uses the term 'rake it' when combing through the hair. Now, I desperately need a wand! Love the soft texture of this look. 

Soft Waves

Finger placement is everything when it comes to flat iron curls! How have I never known that? Finish this look with Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist!