1. Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque

I love using this product after long nights, which become early mornings. Tourmaline is an energy boosting mineral that naturally exfolitates as well as hydrates skin for that extra radiant glow!

2. Black Hand Soy Latte

An 18 hour day is no joke. Coffee will not suffice, I need espresso! A soy latte is my go-to indulgence beverage. 

3. NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Barrow Street

A regular on any list of favorites. This sea foam, minty eyeliner gives me that added accent that I need on long day. This is my version of a brightening liner. I like to sweep on mascara to make my eyes pop on a sleepy day.

4. Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

Algruonic Acid is an anti aging ingredient exclusive to Algenist products. It it fabulous for cell regeneration. This light weight eye balm is perfect for decreasing puffiness and dark circles. Sometimes you can't get 8 hours of sleep and that's why investing in great eye cream is worth it! 

5. Origins VitaZing SPF 15

Not only does this moisturizer hydrate and protect, but it also energizes the skin! Amazing. Since I no longer actively worship the Sun, I will do anything for a tinted product. VitaZing adds a subtle shade and balances the tone of my skin. 


Just because I didn't get 8 hours of sleep doesn't mean that  I have to look like it!

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