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Virgo Full Moon

 My favorite part about the Full Moon is learning more about what signs are polar opposites. Virgo, is a sign of organization and logic. They love structure, order, & efficiency. All of my Virgos have a special kind of attention to detail. Like, freak-status. (Luv u.) However, Pisces, is more of an emotions type; swimming in their feelings. They care less about details and more about flowing creative energy.  These signs must find balance in each other! Pisces follows their hear while Virgo listens to their head. How will you decide which side works best for you? This micro moon is capturing vibes from both signs to lead us in finding balances in our lives. The best use of this moon can be about getting your shit together. Whether it be your inner self or home/workspace, it might be nice to cleanse and reorganize. The Full Moon is always a wonderful time to focus on endings and new beginnings.

In the essence of Virgo, I have been jotting down so many lists this week. I love to see my goals on paper. I am really focused on getting my house in order, in time for the Spring Equinox. I just did a major room swap and I am FEELIN it. I moved my desk into the sunroom and put a bookshelf in the vanity. Life makes so much sense now. I can't believe I had been choosing to live in the dark for so long. No, literally, there is little to no sunlight in the vanity. The lighting in the sunroom is fantastic. So bright and awakening. It's a great place to make sure that I don't have foundation lines. Plus, I moved two plants into the room and I think their chances of survival are much better!  

I am really feeling this Virgo Full Moon playlist that I made. It's wacky and diverse. I heard some really good music at the skate park in Costa Rica, which inspired these vibes. It reminds me of Summertime and skate videos. From Ibiza to Compton, with one indie rock song thrown in there for good measure. I urge you to listen to this while cleaning out your desk drawers. Happy Full Moon in Virgo! 

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