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Boscia Black Magic

We've been known to dabble with black magic here at Luscious Judy, especially in the name of purifying pores. My new life motto, slightly altered from Friday Night Lights, is 'Clear Pores. Full Lashes. Can't Lose'.   Nothing else matters, right? 


Boscia was one of the first preservative-free skin care lines. Botanically-based, this system uses many different ingredients to achieve ultimate detoxification and brightening. If you're looking to purify the skin, while smoothing it's rough texture, you could benefit from these products.  

Luminizing Mask // This peel-off mask is incredible. Rich with minerals, French clay absorbs oil & dirt, while exfoliating dead skin cells. Vitamin C brightens and minimizes hyper pigmentation. Witch Hazel has antiseptic qualities that kills bacteria, tightens pores and firms the skin. This is the first detoxifying mask that I have done where I have felt instant results. My face is always red after peeling the mask off, which at first was alarming but it's a sign that it's actually getting ALL UP in my skin. The container advises staying away from eyes/eyebrows, so don't make the mistake that I did and have eyebrow panic. This is my new favorite Sunday ritual.

Detoxifying Black Cleanser // The first time I used this,  I was surprised that this cleanser creates a warm lather! I like it. Charcoal is so hot right now, but Boscia already knew that. This ingredient draws excess oils & impurities, which is perfect for my slick face. Glycolic Acid clarifies the skin & Vitamin C aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines. Artichoke Leaf Extract works to improve elasticity, which is something that I am looking for, since I don't plan to age. My oily face + makeup + this cleanser = squeaky clean results.

Pore Purifying Black Strips // Who doesn't love a purifying nose strip? If I could use one everyday, I totally would. Boscia's suggested usage is 1 - 2 times a week, but I suppose that makes ripping blackheads from your nose more special. Activated Charcoal & Witch Hazel are main ingredients, while Silica Powder refines the appearance of pores. Peony Root Extract reduces blackheads by preventing the oxidation of sebum. (You know those glands that secrete oil & wax, ew) When I was a young tween, I tried using tape as a nose trip. I think I'll stick to Boscia Pore Strips.

Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel // You can find the usual suspects, Activated Charcoal, Glycolic Acid, & Artichoke Leaf Extract doing work in this moisturizer. The additions of Licorice Root & Pomegranate Enzyme aka major antioxidants defends against free radical damage while reducing blackheads and calming the skin. I have noticed a significant difference in my pore appearance.  I am obsessed with this cooling moisturizer! It is super light and hydrating. Trust, when my face is red, post Luminizing Mask, this gel really soothes. It is the cherry on top of my Sunday.

A combination of my plant based diet and these botanical based products has truly uplifted my skin this past month. This Beauty Insider 500 point reward is no longer available with Sephora, but if your mission is to purify them pores, I highly suggest you march your ass to the mall and get some samples! You will get hooked and you won't be sorry. Happy Detoxifying! 


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