There comes a time in a man’s life where he has to make the hard decision to get rid of his one true love: his beard. It could come from needing to look sharp for an interview, pressure from your significant other, or perhaps your work just plain hates it. Before you do, weigh your pro’s and con’s and make the RIGHT CHOICE!!


1)     You think you’ll look like Rick Grimes but really you look like bloated Drake leaving a poutine buffet


2)     When someone tells you how much better you look without your “ugly beard”

3)     Monster hairs invade your face making you question your humanity

Pro tip: Avoid by using a mild face wash that won’t dry your face out and moisturize often (IE: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydrating Cream Cleanser or Cetaphil). Dry skin is leading factory in ingrown hairs and folliculitis! 

4)     That first cold breeze will make you doubt all of your decisions


5)     Having to spend actual money on razors, shaving cream, etc.

Pro tip: Cheap and retro looking safety razors for a great price – available at Target or local pharmacy. Or try the Dollar Shave Club! Wake up with Caffeinated Shaving Cream by Pacific Shaving Company

6)     Seeing a majestic beard out in public and wishing you had kept yours #FOMO




1)     That first face wash/moisturize after having 6” of hair on your face for over a year is the closest thing to heaven on earth. You truly take for granted being able to touch your actual face skin



2)     Not being warm AF all the time because you have a face sweater on



3)     It can make you more noticeable to someone who maybe previously overlooked you – a quick way to reinvent yourself. A new you!!


4)     No more zipping up your beard in your jacket or pushing it out of the way to button your shirt

5)     That first haircut looks so crisp you know you look like straight fire walking out of the barbershop


6)     No more having to explain what those coarse curly hairs covering your entire existence are



So remember – if you can grow one, GROW ONE! Before chopping it all off,  perhaps think of a better way to style it or ask your barber to trim back your mangy growth. Facial hair is growingly accepted in workplace environments and can be a very easy, maintainable addition to your ensemble. 



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