Do you guys remember when I went apple picking in the Fall? Not only did I keep the doctor away (for many days), but I made my very own batch of Apple Cider Vinegar!! 

I love vinegar, but I really, really love ACV. I truly believe in all of its benefits and feel sad for those that cannot stomach the taste. If you are not familiar with the benefits of ACV, there are sooo many. It can aid in indigestion, bad breath, and weight loss. Wait! There's more!! You can control your blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and boost energy! I have been know to take shots of ACV and can feel energized immediately. I love to dilute it in my water. My #1 use for ACV is to clear acne! ACV's antibacterial properties can keep acne under control with the simple dab of a cotton ball. I have never seen pimples disappear quicker. 

After I made applesauce, I stuffed the cores and scraps of the apples used in a 64 ounce mason jar. I followed this recipe from The Healthy Eating Site because it was simple as hell. The recommended fermentation period was only supposed to be 1 month, but I could not remember to take my ass to the basement and check on that jar. I finally strained the scraps and bottled my yield at the end of January, three months after I began my process. I was so thankful I did not find myself with moldy apples. Thank you vinegar gods!! The taste of this vinegar was ÜBER TART, due to my use of Granny Smith Apples. I can normally get down with super tart/sour vibes, but I couldn't handle my very own ACV. Honestly, I was missing that distinct flavor of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

The ACV sat on my bar for a few weeks before I decided to turn it into toner! Toner is a product that I love and need with my oily skin, but never remember to buy. It is best used after cleansing and is a great way to restore the pH balance of the skin. This was going to be perfect. I decided to brew green tea to use as my water component. Green tea is full of antioxidants, which help fight the anti-aging process. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea compliment the ACV perfectly to banish blemishes and wrinkles. I bought a few glass containers from my local craft store and starting making toner. I adapted my recipe from one that I found on Coconuts & Kettlebells.

Luscious Judy Toner

3/4 cup strong green tea 

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

3-5 drops of lavender essential oil (I probably could have used less but this is my favorite scent. Lavender oil is soothing as well as anti-microbial) 

Viola! There you have it, luscious homemade toner! I have been steady using this for a month now, in combination with other masques and creams. My skin is radiant and glowing and I haven't had a major breakout since February. (I'll probably get a pimple tomorrow). I like to keep this toner in the fridge, even though it is a long ass walk from my vanity. It will be such a nice, cool treat in the Summertime. I have given a few batches of toner to my friends with different skin types and I am awaiting feedback. If they like it as much as my skin does, I will continue to make more! Holler!