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Care Package Pick Me Up

I love how the Universe knows when I need a pick me up. In addition to Monday being.....Monday; it is always the longest day of my week. I am away from the house for most of the day and if I'm lucky, I can run home for an hour to let the dog out, eat a salad, or touch up my makeup. Today, I found myself in a mid-Monday mood. I snapped out of it when I came home to a lovely package from Adam on my door step! 

My friends and I are pretty good about keeping snail mail alive. Adam's package was centered around a book he made for James and I using photos from our wedding hashtag. It was curated beautifully and I totally got verklempt flipping through it. He threw in beauty booty for fun but most importantly, a pair of tabloid leggings from Britney Spears' live Vegas show! I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful friend in my life! 

From L to R: Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara by L'Oreal // Extreme Length Sealer Split End Treatment by Redken // Frizz Dismiss Smoothing Protection  by Redken // Essie 'Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo' // #DESTINATIONSJO Memory Book // Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray // Tabloid leggings from Britney Spears in Vegas !!! // 



The best part of working in a fitness studio is being able to wear leggings to work!

Essie claims this polish is 'molten gold'. It is definitely silver. I haven't gotten this metallic in a while and I definitely think it dried quicker that regular polish. Is that crazy? 


#destinationsjo, I swear I'm not bling bragging. 


My sqirl friends have been raving about this mascara! I am a big fan of the doll eye look and I had been wanting to try this product.  Also, a big fan of the cone brush. 


The verdict is in, this mascara is worthy! I typically hate these types of photos, but I was so impressed with the results. The brush is a great size for creating volume without smudging mascara on the top lid, which happens to be my pet peeve. Miss Manga claims your lashes will be plump & over-the-top. If you are into emphasizing your eyes, like me, this product is great for day and night. If you really want to look like a doll, I would add a brightener to the waterline, like NARS 'Barrow Street' or Tarte 'Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Brightener'. The liner will make your eyes look wide awake, as well as pop off those luscious lashes. This vibe gives new meaning to saying bright-eyed & bushy tailed


I haven't used the hair products yet. I don't have split ends (hehe), but the Extreme Length Sealer claims to aid in hair growth! I'll be saving the Frizz Dismiss for humid Virginia summers or I'll give it to James. Wind Blown 05 made me laugh because I HATE THE WIND, but I can appreciate its effects. Can't believe Redken was able to bottle it up. 

This package totally turned my day around. Thank you, Papi. <3 

Boscia Black Magic

Jazmine Sullivan // Reality Show