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Jazmine Sullivan // Reality Show

Hi Jazmine! We are so damn glad that you're back! 

        Released in the quiet second week of the new year, Reality Show was met with little fanfare and barely promoted. Jazmine Sullivan deserves heaps better than this. No one of her era comes close to the soul and quality she has put into 3 solid albums. All of them filled with R&B that should please anybody that loves the genre. She is adventurous in ways that aren't so obvious, carving a path to any R&B route she decides to turn. Packing with her a rich narrative and the perfect alto to deliver on the many sounds she passes along the way. Reality Show is her most diverse , mature work yet, letting her voice match her pen, she isn't just singing here, she's painting pictures with tone, melody and personality. That voice (Lauryn Hill soaked in Nina Simone with a dusting of Chaka Khan) is a treasure among the recycled R&B of current radio. Jazmine proves with Reality Show that she knows what to do with it. .The album takes the singer through many perspectives but her soul shines through singular and lovely. 

Luscious Tracks:

Brand New -  Told from the perspective of  "down ass chick" that held you down before you were hot, a jazz intro melts to a drake-esque beat that Jazmine rides to poetic perfection. The narrative alone is thrilling, manic and fresh. The vocals switch from rap to rhythmic refrain,  the full expanse of her alto set free, to fly and flutter with emotion. VH1 storytellers 2015

Stupid Girl - A warning and a wake-up call  to wise up and not be a fool in love. Jazmine inhabits the song with a sassy swang* unheard of this decade outside of Amy Winehouse. Genre defying classic.

Mascara - The latest single & Jazmine's fav track, she really speaks to Judys when she sings, 

"I keep mascara in my pocket if I'm running to the market ‘cause you never know who's watching you"

If You Dare - Perfection comes in this stirring, triumphant track that pleads "Stop thinking small when you could have it all." Crackling with emotion and wrapped in world music.Perfect song for upbeat living. Not the type of song she's known for but one that feels needed. Time will prove this to be one of the best songs released in 2015. 

Grade: B+

* swing + sway 

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