Hi Judys, 

Where has the time gone? I blinked and two months flew right by. The last you heard from me, I was sippin' champy on rooftops in New York. These days, things are totally different! Time management is hard, y'all....who can give me some tips? 

Anyway, I am back in school full-time and it is consuming my life!! I am loving every minute. All four of my professors are passionate, vivacious women and are keeping me incredibly engaged. I am really trying to do the school thing right the second time around. I spend a lot of time on campus with peeps who could potentially be 10 years younger than me. It's cray. I feel like an old lady, but I still want to be cool and relevantI was walking through campus, when the VCU Candid Campus team asked if they could take my picture. Y'all know I love to pose. They were making a video about campus life, so I mostly just flipped my hair. I was so bummed that I wasn't wearing lipstick that day. Also, I have since gotten a new backpack.

Here is a little recap of what I have been up to for the last two months. 

August 27. VCU Candid Campus. 

August 29. The after-party of Brian & Jessie's wedding. It was a blast. 

August 30. The next day, we drove from DC to Hampton to get tattooed. I was really hungover and I wanted to die. Look at that beauty & booty. 

September 1. Andrea & Marshall hosted oyster night! I made smashed cucumbers and ate mad cheese.

September 5. Riding the Captial Trail with my judy, Leah. We have been trying to hit it every Saturday! 

September 19. The UCI Road World Championships came to Richmond for 9 nine days. The city was bananas. We left in the middle of the race because we went to Colorado for a wedding and not because we were trying to escape! I was kinda bummed that we were missing the experience of the Worlds in our city, but seeing my best friend get married trumped everything.

September 20. I worked all of the days leading up to my trip. I spent a lot of time cat-calling foreign cyclists. Sup boo, I see you. 

September 21. Finish Line Vibes.

September 21. FanFest Expo. I can't resist a photo opp, especially on a Mad Men replica couch. 

September 21. Giordana swag.


October 4. I got this tattoo in honor of my Grandpa. He is probably chilling and playing bingo right about now. He used to raise fighting cocks and I was trippin' for 5 minutes after I got this because I didn't want people to think I was a supporter of cockfights. Now I want to open my own rooster rescue. Hopefully one day. By Silas Baker // Rock Steady Tattoo

October 6. Random sunny Tuesday and I didn't think I would be seeing a camel on campus. It was Qatar Day. 


October 8. I lost my bike water bottle and was forced to hydrate with La Croix. :)

October 9. Prosecco on Ice, so many reasons to celebrate. 

October 10. We celebrated my #1 booty all weekend. A birthday and a new job. We took a trip to Mamma Zu, where I regretted my meal choice. 

October 17. VCU Broad Street Mile. I ran a 5K on behalf of a non-profit that provides ESL services to members of the community, as well as helps prepare people for their U.S. Citizenship test, which costs $700! I didn't train once and set a PR. Pretty stoked on that. 


October 18. Eschscholzia Californica. Poppies to always remind me of my California roots. By Silas Baker at Rock Steady Tattoo


October 24. Capital Trail Judys. 30 miles or bust. One day, I am going to ride the entire thing, then go to the Williamsburg Salt Spa


My life in a nutshell. Not pictured: Garth, Gypsy, textbooks, and take-home exams. Life is busy, but I try to always make time for fun. 

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