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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! 2015 is the Year of the Sheep (or Ram or Goat). If you are not familiar with the Chinese calendar system, it flows on a 12 year cycle, which correlates with 12 special animals (I'm a Tiger). More popularly known as Chinese New Year, this holiday is widely celebrated in many Asian countries, including my beloved Philippines. I can really get down with this luni-solar calendar. Wood is the element of 2015 and is associated with living things. The Sheep, regarded as an auspicious animal,  is a Yin energy, which symbolizes peace and harmony. This year is sure to bring promise and prosperity. World serenity for all!! 

El Sol y La Luna. I was so mesmerized by this sight that I laid on a swimming pool diving board at 5:45am to take this photo. 

El Sol y La Luna. I was so mesmerized by this sight that I laid on a swimming pool diving board at 5:45am to take this photo. 

In addition to the Lunar New Year, February 18 is also special to me because it marks 10 whole years that James and I have been together! A DECADE. Phew! Time flies when you're having fun! We just returned from celebrating in Nosara, Costa Rica where our lives have been renewed. I love a Winter escape and what better way to start off the new year? Yoga, Surfing, and living in the Jungle. It was the perfect place to reset.

Jungles Edge , Costa Rica, Yin & Yang

Jungles Edge, Costa Rica, Yin & Yang

2014, the Year of the Horse, was such an active and energetic year. We got married, traveled, and said goodbye to many of our best friends as they ventured West. I continued the fitness journey that I was on; immersing myself in the cycling world, deepened my yoga practice, and found my spirit workout in Surfset! 2014 was dedicated to my body and I look forward to giving the same dedication to my mind in 2015.

 My spirits are at an all time high after I re-enrolled at VCU this January after a 5 year hiatus. (Is it coincidental that their mascot is a Ram?) I struggled in the interim to try and find my life purpose. I was going to open a restaurant, move to Miami, become a pastry chef, move to L.A., open a juice bar, become a nutritionist. I'm such a dreamer. I feel so at peace, back in school, with less than 25 credits left to finish my International Social Justice degree! 

Everything is falling into place nicely and I cannot wait to see what else 2015 has in store.  In 2014, I went into party girl retirement and became an extreme hermit. This year, I'd like to resuscitate my social life, I just have to be in bed by 10pm. Of course, I am still working on being more punctual, it could take years but at least the intention is there! I've decided to stick to realistic resolutions.

via  My resolution this year is to be more social. 

via My resolution this year is to be more social. 

Wishing my Judys good health, good fortune, and happiness! May this new year be luscious!  

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