Pisces Moon Reflection

Forgive me Judys, for I have sinned. It has been two lunar cycles since I have blogged.  Historically, August is always a busy month for me with visiting family, every kind of celebration, and a week long beach vacation, which is normally my Summer send-off. Such a hard life. The month FLEW by and here we are, in the second week of September. I just returned home from my last (planned) trip of the year and it was nice to reflect on my time away, this Summer, and 2014 so far, with the Full Moon in Pisces illuminated in the sky. 

                                                                         photo via  Astrodynamics 

                                                                         photo via Astrodynamics 

The Full Moon in Pisces, is also known as the Harvest Moon, as it is the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. It is believed that the bright moon helped farmers harvest their crops in the evening hours. According to my gurus, the Astro Twins, this moon 'reveals how your wishes and efforts have sprouted into exquisite beanstalks.' Could I love this statement anymore? I found this was the perfect time to assess my personal harvest. 

In the Spring, when the New Moon was in Pisces, I found myself planting the seeds necessary for a lifestyle change. Newly married and on the verge of 28, the timing was perfect to set new intentions. After 10 or so years of working in the restaurant industry, I had been wanting to hang up my apron. Let me tell you, there is nothing luscious about 'that restaurant smell' all up in your hair and clothes. The cons (long hours on my feet, working nights) began to outweigh the pros (fast cash, flexible schedule)  Right after the New Moon, I immersed myself in the fitness world when a serendipitious tweet lead me to a desk job at my favorite fitness studio, Boho Cycle Studio. I have scaled back my restaurant shifts and have been working towards teaching group exercise classes! This summer, I received instructor certifications in Spinning and Surfset. I have not begun to teach classes yet, but I am en route. Slowly but surely I am watching my goals sprout to fruition and it is such a great feeling. 

Just like the phases of the Moon, life is a cycle of various phases. I am constantly looking at ways to better myself. Making positives changes cannot happen over night and I am aware that life is a work in progress. The Full Moon is a great time to sit back and reflect on the seeds that were sown during the New Moon. This is also an opportunity to gear up for the following New Moon and cultivate any ideas that may be manifesting within. At the end of the day, don't we all want a bountiful harvest? 




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