Happy National Lipstick Day !

Happy National Lipstick Day! 

Today we celebrate a beloved cosmetic product, lipstick. From using the dust of crushed gemstones to extracting carmine dye from scale insects, women have always found a way to create pigment to enhance the lips. The Elizabethan era established a look for high class women; a pale, powdered face paired with a bold, red lip . Fast forward 300 years and the only people who could be found working this look were prostitutes. Over time, lipstick has evolved from a way to define social status to a staple beauty item for all.

Lipstick was not always a staple in my makeup bag. I started wearing makeup at 13 years old and my Mom used to beg me to wear lipstick. "You just need some color on your face," she would say. I would just roll my eyes and continue to wear clear, glitter lipgloss. She has worn the same shade of deep garnet red lipstick since the 80s and the idea of looking like her was SO EW. It took me about 12 years of wearing makeup to realize that lipstick is essential. It completes a look and can transform the face. Now I can't live without it.  Sorry Mom, I should have listened! 


My Mom would be proud to know that I have an arsenal of lipsticks in all shades, including the 6 that are in rotation in my purse. YES, 6 LIPSTICKS THAT NEVER LEAVE MY PURSE. 

1. GIVENCHY Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in 22 Seductive Rose

So velvety and smells a lil like roses.

2. BARE MINERALS Marvelous Moxie in Speak Your Mind

This is my neutral shade GO-TO, everyone must have their one.

3. LAURA MERCIER Cremé Smooth Lipstick in Palm Beach

I wore this on my wedding day. Long-lasting and versatile for such a bright color.

4. SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Radiant Rush Lipstick

Pretty much obsessed with this lipstick. Not sure what I'm gonna do when I run out. I've longed for this color for years.

5. MAC COSMETICS Retro Matte in Flat Out Fabulous 

This is my going out lippy. So electric and vibrant.

6. MAC COSMETICS Matte in Heroine

Purple lipstick is everything. I love to wear this lipstick with barely there eyes. 

What are your go-to lipsticks? It's hard to have just one. Pro-tip: Don't let your favorite lipsticks melt in the sun. ;) Find these lippies at Sephora and MAC Cosmetics


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