Luscious Obsession by Noel

Currently obsessed with the Keyshia Cole remix to Chris Browns' "Loyal" ...

First off, anytime Keyshia Cole jumps on a song as a feature she slays and that alone had my interest. She just lets you feel every lyric with that raw delivery we crave from the queen (Beyonce has our mind but she never had our heart!)

Just got rich, being broke was a bitch might be the best opening line in any song released this year and I'm truly thankful to Keysh for that treat. I might be late on the Loyal train but it feels like Christmas for my ass when I find a gem like this. If you struggle with your hate for Chris Brown but your love for bomb production then this is your jam. Sitting here smoking Marlboro Virginia Blends and drinking Camarena like this song is my life.

Luscious Judy1 Comment