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Capricorn Moon

I can't believe it's already time for another Full Moon! Oh where has the lunar cycle gone...

Tomorrow, July 12th at 7:25am EDT, we gear up for the first Full Moon of the Summer! This is also the first of three Super Moons to illuminate the skies. (Basically, when the Moon is closer to Earth than normal, it is called a Super Moon. And they're powerful!) Via NatGeo, the July Moon is often called the Buck Moon, due to male deer regrowing their antlers during this time of year. Full Moons are a time of intense energy.  Also, a great time to cleanse and reset your goals. 

My precious pal, Welsy is a Capricorn Queen. The past six months have been a whirlwind and I thought it would be fun to review with her! The New Moon in Capricorn fell on January 1.  New Moons are great for new beginnings, new possibilities, as well setting new intentions. New Year's Day was especially significant for Welsy because it was her first day as a married woman! It's not every year that a) she gets married (but can you? Because it was so fun) and b) that the New Moon falls on New Year's Day. I think the cosmos were foreshadowing on the great things that were coming up! 

                                                                          me & welsy at her wedding! 

                                                                          me & welsy at her wedding! 

According to Dipali Desai of Celestial Space Astrology, the themes of The New Moon in Capricorn were " letting go and paving the way for rebirth and aligning with quality and integrity…"  A true Capricorn, ambitious and determined, Welsy let go of a stagnant work environment and turned it into an opportunity. She started her own business, along with 4 friends and fulfilled a long time dream of owning her own salon!!! Here's what she had to say about her new beginning. 

"I wake up everyday and I have a huge smile on my face!! I'm extremely happy that I was finally emotionally ready to start my own business. Starting a business was a dream that I've had forever and now it's a reality. The support from my family, friends and clients has been so overwhelming in such a positive way. A little side note: if you want your dreams to happen, I feel like you need to be whole with yourself...you need to accept and love who you are. The doors will open with whatever you want in your life. One of my favorite books that helped me during my journey is The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace by Don Miguel Ruiz. His words are magical and meaningful to me, he talks about how our true nature is to love and be happy, to explore and enjoy life. I definitely try to live this lifestyle. Be true to yourself and happiness will follow." 

Spoken like a true Earth sign! Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure & stability are known to be hard workers who are dedicated to their goals.  It is no surprise that my girl has established a positive, stable environment, all in the name of achieving inner peace! And you can't stop her now! She is on her way to become an educator for a high end product line and will continue to brand her business, ELLE Style Studio. The Full Moon is always a culmination, and it's amazing to see dreams coming true with perseverance! 

What are your intentions? How will you establish structure in order to manifest your dreams ?

Congrats to Welsy & the ELLE Style Studio crew! Visit them and find serenity!

3224-A West Cary Street, Studio27 Richmond, Virginia 23221

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