Luscious Judy Top 8

Remember when you could rate your friends on Myspace by organizing them into a TOP 8 list? Oh, such cruel memories. I'm totally bringing it back except my friends are beauty products and other thangs that I'm currently lurving. SO MANY GOODIES. 



Being a Taurus and all, I am naturally a lil materialistic. Even after all of the crappy things I have heard about Lululemon, I still couldn't help the fact that I totally wanted to sport their gear. So out of my price range, but so necessary in my wardrobe. It was like my need for K-Swiss sneakers in 8th grade. Just, WHY? I was PUMPED when I came up on their online warehouse sale because you will never catch my ass paying full price (for pretty much anything). I was able to get my paws on two essential items at a mega discount. The Be Free Sweater is meant to be worn to and from yoga class, but I have been wearing it NON-STOP. You know I love a cropped sweater. I really needed a solid black sports bra and was glad to snag the Itty Bitty Racer. It is so comfy. My need for bougie yoga clothes has been fulfilled. 'Til the next warehouse sale! 



My current skin care regimen is made up entirely of ORIGINS products. You could say I'm a big fan. Chock full of antioxidants, The Perfect World line relies on Silver Tip White Tea for eternal youth. For centuries, Chinese emperors believed White Tea was the 'Elixir of Immortality'. SOLD! This oil-free, SPF 25 moisturizer helps delay signs of premature aging and for that, I am grateful. This line is also meant to fight against the environmental pollutants that we don't even think is damaging to our skin. It has a fresh, floral scent that I am obsessed with. Almost good enough to eat. Sometimes I can feel my skin begging for it in the morning. Such a great way to wake up my skin and start my day.


I want to be remembered for my blush vibes. I will admit that more times than not, my blush application can be overwhelming. I could give Tammy Faye a run for her money. I love a bold flush. Jah blessed me with these cheekbones, therefore I will rouge 'em up.  I've had an aversion to cream blush for years. My oily skin just did not want to give it a chance. Old blush on oily skin pretty much looks like the morning after Halloween. Tragic. I received a sample of MUFE HD BLUSH and was seriously hooked. I'm a MUFE groupie anyway, but I couldn't believe how wrong I had been about cream blush. I don't use a brush, just my ring finger to apply. It's like butter, baby. Of course, 410 Coral is my jam. It is so easy to build a look with cream. I generally start small on the apples of my cheeks but end up going full on clown. I own that look with pride.


My Sephora guru & BFF gifted me a rollerball of WHITE NIRVANA by ELIZABETH AND JAMES for my wedding. It was different from any scent that I had owned, but right up my alley. Light, floral, yet musky. I feel totally sexy when I wear this. It makes me want to wear a white power suit and fire some people. In addition to over-doing it on the blush, I can also over do it on the PARFUM, like catching a whiff of my scarf and sneezing hours after I've spritzed. I've convinced myself that there is no way to wear too much perfume with a rollerball. Dab the wrists, behind the ears, one swipe on the collar bone and I'm good to go. This is my idea of an afternoon pick-me-up. Also, a great staple item for your purse! 


 I planted kale last Fall and then completely forgot about my garden. Currently, it is flourishing in my front yard. It's fate was left in the hands of Mother Nature and I think it proves how resilient this plant actually is! I must say, I thought it was rather ridiculous when I heard that Nails Inc. infused a line of nail polish with kale extract. I live for gimmicky things like this, so I was down to spend $15 to try it out. This base coat promotes nail growth as well as protects against breakage & splitting, which is a major problem that I have. Formulated with Vitamins A,C,H,E & F as well as other botanical extracts, this base coat can also be used as a weekly treatment. My nails have never been stronger. The shine is high and long lasting. Hate on kale all you want, but you can't deny its benefits! 


I have a love/hate relationship with Stacy Ferguson but I love her a little more after finding out that she is actually from LA! I don't know why I've always thought she was from Wichita or Des Moines or something. I didn't even know that she was coming out with a new single until I Spotify'd her a few weeks ago. Adam and I love us some Fergs and it was very coincidental that he was about to visit L.A. for the first time when I discovered this song.  I realize that Fergie is a D-lister but she owns it and they why we love/hate her. She's is just naming cities in this song, but I can really get behind this beat. It's catchy and I will bump it in the privacy of my Honda Civic. Don't get me started on the video though. It's a black light poster come to life. She must be on that Cali shit.


I know these days I sound more like an Oprah wannabe rather than a self-proclaimed beauty guru. The thing is, true beauty comes from within. I have been on a personal development journey this entire year. I have been working hard on overcoming my biggest obstacle, myself! I am constantly striving to be the best person that I can be. I recently read an article by Mark Manson, a life enthusiast, about helping you find your life purpose. He talked about how he used to write stories as a child. I remembered that I used to write stories too, by hand. The entire right side of my hand would be covered in lead from spending hours writing in journals and using my imagination. These days, my face is buried behind devices but I am making an active effort to bring myself back to basics. I bought 4 new Gellyroll pens and I look forward to the pen smear. It feels good to have my thoughts somewhere other than swimming around in my brain. You should try it too! 


I might be a bargain shopper when it comes to clothes, but I am always interested in throwing down for SHOES. I wasn't actually in the market for a pair when I tagged along to DSW. I had just gotten a pair of ankle booties the week before. Oopsie. I didn't even know that Dr. Scholls made shoes, but these are a game changer. 3 1/2 inch wedges with ultra cushioned Memory Fit foam!! This means they're supposed to be good for your feet! If I was a shoe, I would be the Harlie Wedge Bootie. I can definitely see myself running through an airport in these babies, no problem. Did I mention these shoes were also 30% off? It was too good to be true. Cannot wait to live on the wedge this Winter! 

 What's poppin on your TOP 8 ?