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Hot House 21/31 Challenge !

My favorite heated yoga studio, Hot House Yoga, hosts a challenge twice a year. The goal is to complete 21 heated yoga classes in 31 days. They say that it takes 21 days to create or break a habit and after this challenge, you may create a new routine. For every person who completes the challenge, Hot House will donate $10 to the Faison School of Autism (if you practice in Richmond) or the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (if you practice in Hampton Roads). We're at the halfway point now, but I'm sure you could formulate your very own challenge at any time.


This will be my third time participating in the 21/31 challenge and let me tell you, it has not gotten easier for me. 80% of my battle is physically getting to the studio. The first time that I did this challenge, I was carpooling with a friend. The 11 mile drive to the studio is my BIGGEST obstacle. As a city mouse, I try to keep myself within a 3 mile radius of my home at all times. In addition to a 60-75 minute class, the travel time is about 30 minutes each way. Therefore, the time commitment is huge. This is where I struggle.  I feel like I am walking a fine line between dedicating time for myself and being too self-indulgent. (Yes, I realize I am sounding like a whiny baby but hey, this is my blog)

Once I am in the studio and on the mat, the classes are amazing. I have a few favorite instructors who truly make my time on the mat extraordinary. Even though, I am grossed out by the sight of my own sweat, there is something exhilarating about sweating it out. My skin has never been better than when I am practicing in a heated studio. I'm happy to finally notice the strength I've built in my wrists and core. I still can't do a headstand without being near a wall, but I'm working on it! 

My goal for this challenge has been to find BALANCE. Sure, I can maintain balance in tree pose, but in life, not so much.  It does not help that I am a major procrastinator, either. I fill my time with so many things and leave little time to complete necessary tasks. I have always struggled with maintaining balance and in the past, I have suffered because of it. Maybe this is why I married a Libra. 

So far, feeling great, only 10 more days to go!!!


No shame in my post-yoga Starbiez game. 


Apple Vibes

Luscious Libra: Gwen Stefani !